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Friday, May 8, 2009

WoW + Mom = Different But Awesome

For Aludra, who asked for ideas on what to get for a mom who doesn't want jewelry but plays World of Warcraft with her daughter (now that's an awesome mom, ya know! :P), here are some places to look:

There is quite a variety of WoW paraphenalia online. Try WarCrackWare for a variety of WoW-themed clothing, or the official Blizzard store for an official Horde or Alliance t-shirt, or YouBuyNow for a variety of action figures/t-shirts/merchandise, or Etsy for a whopping 167 World of Warcraft-themed items for sale! That's what I found in a mere few minutes of quick googling. The list goes on.

That's just quick, but it's something....

5 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This really helps. I'll let you know what I pick out. :)

GingerB said...

My husband would love to be married to you.

Marinka said...

I didn't know that moms were allowed to play WOW!

Anonymous said...

All moms should be encouraged to play wow! It's fun and a great way to connect accross states. In fact the guild I'm in has 3 families in it, though with the other 2 families it's dads and sons.

I did my mom's dailies for her on mother's day since she was out of town, but I will get her the owl shirt with the "o rly?" text also. It's super cute and you can't really have too many T-shirts.


Mackenzie09 said...

Hey, Teacher mommy, pardon my french, but... you're gay

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