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Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Loss, However Virtual And Minute

I saw a moment ago that I have lost a follower, and though somehow I can't figure out who it was (which I suppose says something in and of itself), it saddens me. I know I actually have more readers than I have official followers, but nevertheless it was sort of comforting to see the double-digits, to know that ten people were willing to click that button that meant every time I post something it will come up on their Followed Blogs.

I also can't help but wonder why. Have I been insufficiently amusing? Have I not posted enough about a topic that person wanted to read? Is he/she offended by the infiltration of faith into my posts? Does he/she hate the new look of the site? Does he/she have something against Amazon.com? (Maybe he/she is a Border's employee.) Or is it just that he/she closed down the account or slimmed down his/her blogroll or something that really doesn't relate to me?

Ah well. I suppose in the long run it shouldn't bother me, not really. It was just a name I can't remember with a profile picture I don't recall.

(By the way, you other followers, I'm now paying more attention to who you are. So be comforted. I loves you!)

8 bits of love:

Monica said...

Can you tell me how you see your followers? I'd like to figure out how many followers I have, and the techiness required has been eluding me. Is this knowledge part of being in a secret club I am barred from? Please share! I'm sure it's something fairly simple...but unknown to me.

And damn that follower for leaving you.

Kathleen said...

Awww, don't worry!! I only had 6 followers and 2 dropped out: 1 phantom one (like yours) and one a gentleman whom I offended on FB. Now back up to 5 because your student was sweet enough to join. So...you got me beat by a mile!

Heidi said...

I get so few people commenting on either of my blogs that I have to frequently remind myself that it is NOT a reflection of my worth as a human being (really!) but just that people are fickle/busy/not cool enough to APPRECIATE MY OVERWHELMING BRILLIANCE!!

I don't show up as a follower, I'm sure, but I do read :) In a funny way it's like an extension of those letters we wrote to each other in high school - I know your words better than I know your real voice!

oreneta said...

Or blogger may have freaked out and lost all of the blogs they were following, which happened to me once. You may also have followers on other systems, like bloglines, have you enabled feeds/

GingerB said...

I am too tech pathetic to have figured out much about following and followers, but you, as my first following fan, will always have a special place in my heart. See how I came over here to check you out? One day my suck factor will reduce and I will follow. But what will my picture be???

sAm said...

I hear ya sista! I lost a follower a while back and it really bothered me. And - like you - I couldn't figure out who it was. Eventually I did figure it out - I was still following them. I figured it out because they had a post about how they had to "clean" up the blogs they follow - they were up to (are you ready for this??) 15 and that was "just too many." So then they had to list the blogs they quit following and WHY. Talk about kicking somebody when they're down. But never fear - I will continue following you!

Anonymous said...

I'm quietly (and very slowly) stalking you! I use Google Feed Reader so I do follow you but possibly not in a way that you would know it was me (if you see what I mean)

LoriM said...

Was it me? I'm not sure if I was technically following you or not. Didn't un-follow intentionally. Love reading your stuff but sometimes it's fun to do a bunch all at once.

[I clicked follow on one friend's blog and never get notified - is there something else I have to set up? I bet that's the problem]

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