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Saturday, May 9, 2009

bring me the sunset

bring me the sunset in a cup
and i will drink deep

of sunny childhood's laughter
tumbling romps in neighbor's yards
picnics on quilted blankets
grapes and strawb'ries exploding in mouths

of long-ago lovers' sighing
sweet kisses on sandy beaches
long walks through emerald arches
leaf'd lanes by sapphire waters

of golden summer's promise
joyful dandelions in unfettered meadows
lazy heat shimm'ring on upturned face
bronzed by sun's blazing touch

of purple evening's peace
whispering breezes on shaded paths
fireflies flick'ring in amethyst twilight
caught a moment in glass, then freed

bring me the sunset in a cup
and i will drink deep
and capture each memory in a draught

--TeacherMommy, 2009

2 bits of love:

merideth said...

i just stopped by to wish you a happy mother's day.

and now that i'm here, i'll also say i love your poem!

Arby said...

Allow me to make your day, you attention whore, by following this entertaining blog for awhile, thus replacing your lost follower with a completely lost and bewildered new follower.

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