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Monday, May 11, 2009


Context: English 11 class is taking a quiz after viewing Much Ado About Nothing, answering questions about the play, and doing some activities around the text. The title has been prominently displayed, not to mention mentioned, throughout the week.

Young Idiot: Ms. TeacherMommy? There's a typo here.

TeacherMommy (gasping with dismay):
Where? Where, for the love of God!?!?!

Young Idiot (pointing to the top of the quiz): Right here.

TeacherMommy (puzzled): Where? I don't see anything.

Young Idiot: Right there! That word!

He points to the second word in the title. As in "Ado."

Young Idiot: It's supposed to be "Much TO DO About Nothing!"

TeacherMommy: *bangs head against dry erase board, speechless*

You know what they say about there being no stupid questions?

Yeah. They're wrong.

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Anonymous said...

LOL. They're not wrong, the saying finishes with "There's only stupid people."

Ok, that was harsh. High school kids aren't fully developed yet, so it's not really their fault.

TeacherMommy said...

Are you kidding? It's TOTALLY their fault! Especially this guy. He's not dumb--I wish he was--he's just very DERRR. I could forgive him if it was just a case of low IQ.



Kathleen said...

Love it!! Did I ever tell you about the "copulate" mistake in my English 101 class? I could not figure out WHY at least 3 of my students turned in "Romeo and Juliet" papers about the Montagues and Copulates. I mean, maybe they were just trying to be funny, but they weren't laughing. Finally, I typed it in to my Mac (this was apparently before Shakespeare lingo made it into Spell Check), and there it was: Spell Check corrected "Capulet". My students just hit "Change", "Change", "Change". Brilliant!

The Kampers said...

seriously, there are defiantly stupid questions and yes, that was one of them! Oh, I have been there! Once class I taught I actually limited them to 8 questions for the whole class after giving a project because the absorbent amount of stupid questions!

Heidi said...


It's moments like this that I deeply admire my friends who are high school teachers (two of you are English teachers!), because Lord knows, I wouldn't have the patience.

Poor kid. Did the other students laugh at him? That's what would have happened in our English classes ;)

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