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Friday, May 29, 2009

Things I Learned From...

Making Personal Pita Pizzas With Two Small Boys:

1. It's harder than it sounds.

2. Two-year-olds are more interested in tasting everything that goes on the pitas (and trying to taste the pitas, too) than helping put those things on.

3. Two-year-olds will also place anything they put in their mouths and then decided they didn't really like (such as unbaked and still spicy pepperonis) back on the pizzas for your enjoyment.

4. It's a really good thing that these pizzas get baked at a fairly high heat so that germs are fried.

5. Three-and-a-half-year-olds are proponents of the throw-it-all-on-in-piles school of topping placement.

6. Pizzas are messy.

7. Mothers need about five arms in order to keep track of everything, including Small Boys.

8. I am way more anal retentive about this sort of thing than I realized.

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Arby said...

I learned that if I allow the Major and the Captain to help make the pizzas they are so full from eating the individual ingredients while making the pizzas that they are not interested in eating the finished product. Go figure. So at our house, asking for pizza for dinner and actually eating pizza for dinner are two entirely different things.

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