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Monday, May 18, 2009

Wasn't That Supposed To Be A Day Of Rest?

So yesterday was fun. Sort of. Here's the run-down:

1. Woken by kidlets demanding sustenance at bleary o'clock in the morning. Stumble downstairs, turn on Wow Wow Wubzy, provide dishes of dry cereal and cups of water, stumble back to bed.

2. Get in and out of bed repeatedly throughout the next few hours to provide additional assistance with various issues such as Banket Banket!, I don't LIKE this TV! (i.e. Change the channel please, dear Mother), and The Widget is making a mess!

3. Finally hoist self out of so-warm-so-comfy bed to take a shower and get dressed in time for church.

4. Go to church. Leave snotty-nosed children behind with ComputerDaddy. Sit with girlfriends and listen to the wonderful associate pastor (a woman! Glory be, I do enjoy an egalitarian denomination) talk about the commandment to love one another as Christ loves us (All right, all right, I hear you, God. Got the point. I'm not as dull-witted as I was, and I don't think I HAVE to be hit over the head with this one any longer. I could be wrong, though.)

5. Return home to find ComputerDaddy hunched over the computer, complaining about the stupid workaholics who feel compelled to work on Sunday and therefore force the poor IT people to also work on Sunday even when they're not workaholics and what is WRONG with this country, dammit?! Realize that plans for a family-time afternoon are going to have to be adjusted because of said stupid workaholics. Hope they're happy.

6. Get ComputerDaddy a sub so he doesn't starve, dress the kidlets (who have been happily demolishing all traces of cleanliness and order), and deal with a whining DramaBoy who probably should take a nap but we need lunch and haircuts, people.

7. Go to a Coney Island and spend way too much money on a lunch that is only half-eaten. Optimistically take leftovers to the car, where they will be left for the next six+ hours and finally thrown out (it's not winter any longer, so the car does not substitute for a fridge. *sigh*)

8. Drive off to the kids' salon ComputerDaddy spotted near his workplace, since Carnival Cuts has shut down and we no longer have a trusted place to go. Which is why the children have been looking more and more like Wookies lately.

9. Enter Snip-Its and wait for fifteen minutes because they are having a birthday party. You heard me right. A birthday party. At a kids' salon. I will be posting about this later, because ye gads. Talk about brainwashing little girls.

10. Witness the miracle of The Widget sitting calmly and politely in a miniature salon chair, hands clasped about a toy in his lap, letting the lady cut his hair without protest even when I leave the room to take DramaBoy to the potty. Wonder if he's been scared into submission by all the girliness.

11. Try to divide attention between both kidlets in different chairs on different sides of the room. End up very happy with The Widget's cut. End up very exasperated with the lady cutting DramaBoy's hair, as it must be redone about three times because she doesn't understand the concept of shorter and straighter, please. Still end up with crooked bangs and too much on top and give up.

12. Head out to go to a park and finally give DramaBoy a chance to ride his bike. Realize five minutes later that both boys are sound asleep in the back seat. Realize there is No Way I can pass up this opportunity to let them nap.

13. Head to a small park that's on the way, park in the lot, leave the fan and radio on for white noise, and settle down for a nap.

14. Sleep for an hour (yeah, me too!) Glory hallelujah.

15. When kidlets wake up, head back home and pick up ComputerDaddy, who has been persuaded that some quality time with the kidlets is actually more important than watching the first game of the Red Wings' division finals series (don't worry--he recorded it on DVR and watched it later). Go to park. Follow DramaBoy around for quite some time as he pedals about madly on his tricycle. Alternately push The Widget on his little scooter, lead him by the hand, and carry him, since he can't pedal very well yet. Defend him from friendly dogs who want to give him kisses.

16. Return home and dig holes in the yard with the kidlets "helping," while ComputerDaddy whacks weeds. Plant raspberry bushes bought at farmer's market on Saturday. Cross fingers and hope they survive.

17. Bathe and feed kidlets. Throw all clothes in laundry, including jackets. Have ComputerDaddy get kids in bed (and in again, and in again, and in again) while I make grilled cheese sandwiches. Cuz I'm a gourmet cook, yo.

18. Collapse.

5 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

A birthday party in a salon? Hmmm...looking forward to that post. Glad you got to steal a nap a la voiture!

The Kampers said...

Yeah, that whole Day of Rest thing...We try, but it sure looks different since the advent of children. I just keep telling myself it's a season of life, and it will pass before I know it!

Eric said...

What a day of rest!
Sort of!
At least there is a refreshing vacation weekend coming up, right?

Anonymous said...

Sounds very eventful!
We had a day of kids as well - church was "Children's Cantata Day" meaning the elementary choir put on a musical (yes, complete with puns on Biblical names, it was called "Esther-ordinary Faith" after all) which was amusing and delightful in its own way - it also had a fantastic message about waiting on God and things happening in His timing and I think they might have even had a line that said "SoccerSister, you should stop worrying about getting that apartment that you love so much, we're talking about worrying about GENOCIDE here, and Esther and her people trusted God to take care of them in His timing when dealing with impending GENOCIDE, and so maybe you should accept that as well for your very little problem";
Then we babysat a very cute and happy 3 month old for about 5 hours, and re-discovered (for me) and found out (for MuttonChopsHubby) that even the easiest 3-month olds are constant work (i.e. - don't put me down or I'll scream!!!)! But had fun anyhow. However, I think the baby-bug has been diverted from MuttonChopsHubby for awhile.
- SoccerSister

oreneta said...

I am so going to have to make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch tomorrow, note to self....BUY CHEESE!

Thanks for the great idea!

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