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Monday, May 11, 2009

Because We're Ready For Summer Too

I wish I could take full credit for this email that was sent out today by a few of us English teachers who are "blessed" to be "teacher leaders" this year. But I can't. The main genius was S---. But I helped. Especially with the snarky bits.
Hello, hello.
Product of teacher leader meeting, courtesy of C---, M--- [a.k.a. TeacherMommy], and S---.
EVERYBODY: Meet at N--------- in the afternoon, room A205. Bring your grade specific unit planner binder thingy--you choose your grade. Ninth and tenth will review what we've done so far with the binders, eleventh will look ahead and become familiar with the new binder.
9th grade teachers: We are reviewing the binder, cutting it down to four units, and being happy, fun-loving teachers of intro to lit. Just bring your binder. Or else. We will meet in A113 after our whole group meeting in A205. No threats for you because S--- is nice.
10th: We are reviewing the binder and organizing grammar into units we can all get along with. By all, I mean district wide, so try to behave yourselves and get along. Bring your binders and your grammmmmmaaaaaaar books. Meeting in B205 after whole group A205. Or else M--- will cut you with a grapefruit spoon. They're sharp.
11th: We are looking ahead at the bee-you-tee-ful new binders, which you don't have yet, but will, thanks to K--- L---, since he is the LORD and MASTER [quoth M---]. Eleventh grade may break up into separate rooms because, well, that's how we roll. Rooms will be announced by said L&M.
J--- bring your binder and the new eleventh grade textbook.
M---, even though you're dictating this email to me, do the same. Or else C--- will run you over with a zamboni.
There will be a Brit Lit Invitational on August 11. Special people only. By invitation. No gifts necessary, unless it involves beverages for M---. You know, Cherry Coke.
There will also be a Teacher Leader Party, by invitation only, on September 1. You all are probably not invited/cursed. We just wanted to throw that out there.
If there is anything else, we will send another slap-happy email at a later date.
See you all Wednesday, if not before.
-CMS (Not Cosmo-Makers Symposium, but we wish)

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Anonymous said...

I'm ready for summer, too! But I don't get it off :(

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