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Monday, May 4, 2009

Not-So-Secret But-Probably-Still-Spineless Whine

OK, so I feel like whining. You're just going to have to put up with it, and if you can't, you can either suck it up or just go away. So there.

I didn't get NEARLY enough sleep last night. Yeah, no news there, right? But it really was particularly bad last night because I janked up my sciatic nerve when I took on the very onerous task of actually pushing a vacuum for about 30 seconds yesterday morning. Granted, this is exercise I'm not particularly accustomed to, but nevertheless, COME ON. And then since I had to ride in a car for several hours coming home from Tawas Bay (the vacuuming occurred at the cabin where I was staying over the weekend--what, you think I was actually cleaning my own house?), the injury was aggravated. And thus turned into full-fledged sciatica.

Which means I'm limping around the school barefoot and getting laughed at by my students.

It really sucks having such a condition. I've had it since I was young. Which is TOTALLY unfair because, hey, only old people are supposed to have something with as unattractive a name as "sciatica"!

At any rate, I also developed a headache and ended up lying in torment in my bed, unable to get into a comfortable position with both ends of my body screaming at me.

Then I was supposed to post grades today, and not only am I way behind in grading, I got distracted and ended up only posting for one class by the deadline.

Which resulted in a chilly little email from She Who Manages the Grading System. To whom I grovelled in abject apology, because she is the person who also Saves Our Asses when technology goes awry.

And then I showed up to the computer lab for my Creative Writing class and discovered that MY CHAIR WAS GONE. My comfy, padded, arm-rest-possessing purple desk chair was absent and in its place was one of the hard, plastic, arm-rest-less black desk chairs that we force the students to use. And, unlike most days when this occurs, none of my students had scammed the chair for their own use. Which forced me to rage around the entire floor of classrooms searching for the missing chair. At one point in this rage I managed to catch my thumb in the door jamb of another classroom (don't ask how--I'm talented) and both bruised and bloodied it.

Turns out the chair went missing during 6th hour on Friday, the one hour the lab isn't being used for a writing class.

If I ever find out who committed this horrific crime, I'll assist him or her in heading down to hell. In a hand basket or otherwise. Just sayin'.

I'm also not sure where I'm going to find time to sleep the rest of this week, because I have to scramble on two points: one, I need to get piles of outgrown Children's Stuff ready for a massive Mom to Mom sale this weekend; and two, I need to finish the cross-stitch project I'm doing for my mother, because Mother's Day is only SIX DAYS AWAY!!! (If you had forgotten, you're welcome for the reminder. Now get your butts in gear and find something that will make your mommy cry!) And I have all sorts of appointments and meetings this week. Oh, and maybe I should grade papers and feed my kids somewhere in there. Not necessarily in that order of importance.

There. Whine now completed. And because Eric has just said, in a very snarky sort of way, Grace in Small Things, Ms. TeacherMommy!, now I have to go post one of those things. Darn kid, making me focus on the positives. Who does he think he is, anyhow?

4 bits of love:

Eric said...

I think I'm Ghandi.


oreneta said...

NOTHING like a good rant when you have to.

Sympathies. Hope it passes soon.

merideth said...

i think sciatica sounds mysterious and sexy. if it makes you feel younger.

but, to make you feel better, try this: whichever side hurts, stand (as much as possible) on only that leg and then squeeze that buttock as tightly as possible. sometimes helps me.

mom said...

Whine on. A better name for it is a "debrief." You shift a bit of your load onto the shoulders of your listeners who care for you, and hey, Someone we love very much actually wants us to do that. I'm listening!

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