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Friday, May 29, 2009


Haiku Friday

GingerB over at Gas-Food-Lodging is starting Haiku Fridays, and since I love haikus (and need to brush up on them--they're harder than you might think!) I figured I'd join from time to time. So here is my series of haikus about the joy that was yesterday's sick day (unpaid, by the way, for the second time this week: I'm so looking forward to the huge chunk that will be missing from my next paycheck):

doctor says we must
all get tested for swine flu
when did we kiss pigs?

noses have been swabbed
we made jokes about boogers
to cover the ick

tests are negative
so we have much rejoicing
the pigs have spared us

doctor says we have
nasty sinus infection
except DramaBoy

it is miracle
small boy who is always sick
is somehow healthy

perhaps he can care
for snot-stricken family
at young age of three?

Note: Mariposa had a valid question--why were we tested? Well, three out of the four of us had symptoms that do match (which is general enough already), and DramaBoy had a touch of sniffles (which turned out to just be run of the mill allergies), and there was a confirmed case of H1N1 at the boy's daycare. Therefore: testing. It is, unfortunately, existent in our area, though not fatally so.

3 bits of love:

Mariposa said...

My first time here, why were you tested? Did you just travel...here, even if we just got back from travel, we have to wait for possible symptoms...oh well, you're all negative!

Have a great weekend!

Kathleen said...

Sorry to hear you all are sick. Glad to hear it's not pig flu, though! Feel better!!

GingerB said...

Holy cannoli! Flu in the day care? Is it staying open? Schools hers in Utah keep getting shuttered as they find cases. I am glad your family's pig kissing habits haven't caught up with you.

Love the haiku! I am sure my three year old would love to try to care for a snot stricken family but god knows what she'd give us to eat. I suspected you would love to join!

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