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Thursday, May 14, 2009

They're Leaving On A Jet Plane

It's only 8 am and I've already been in tears today.

My parents are flying out of the country today and, barring something happening with my grandparents or my sister giving birth, will not be back for two years.

I am blessed with amazing parents. I can't put it into words right now because I really don't want to end up blubbering all over my desk and facing my first class with mascara streaking my cheeks. It's hard enough just writing the words they are leaving and I will not see them in person for a very long time.

My sons will be 4 and 5 1/2 by the time they return. My heart aches for them, because they have such a tight bond with my parents, and they don't really understand what it means that Grandma and Grandpa are leaving for Africa. Especially The Widget, who I fully expect will spend quite some time, days and maybe weeks, wandering about the house calling Bampa! Bampa! before he finally understands that Bampa will not be showing up for a big hug and a romp on the rug and cuddles before bed. DramaBoy is going to miss Grandma's lap and long bedtime stories from The Big Picture Story Bible, with her endless patience with his desire to flip back and forth as the words and pictures in one story remind him of those from another...

We will be doing all we can to keep that bond going. My Mother's Day gift from my parents was a web cam. They only have dial-up in the town where they live, but when they get to some of the bigger cities, such as Abidjan or Bamako or Ouagadougou, they can Skype. This means that my children will be able to see their grandparents from time to time rather than only talking on the phone or having emails read to them.

But my heart still aches, for my children, for myself, for my parents themselves, for all the friends and family who must say Goodbye again and again so that my parents can fulfill God's calling in their lives. I know that I am not alone and they have not abandoned me. My father said this morning as I clung to him, You know if you need us, we'll come back. And I know they would. I have faith in their love for me and my family. I have faith that they are doing what is right. But. Those who say faith and following God are the easy way out have no idea what they're saying. Faith is hard, so very hard.

And so is saying Goodbye.

10 bits of love:

The Kampers said...

Oh TeacherMommy...what a hard, hard day! While I don't understand fully I can begin to imagine. Will be praying that the kidlets transition well and that you do too...hope the rest of life is well

Kathleen said...

You've got me in tears! Thinking of you today. I've always said the hardest part of MK Life is Good-bye.

Eric said...

I hear you on the goodbye stuff. Saying goodbye to all of your friends is tough; closest friends tougher; but saying goodbye to your parents is the toughest of all.

It sucks.

Aludra said...

Sheesh, I thought I had it rough when my parents moved out of state.

You're very blessed to have parents you will miss and will miss you, too. Best of luck getting through the coming months.

Seriously Me said...

I'm crying with you on this one as I know exactly how you feel! Keep your chin up and the time will pass quickly.

Anne Kennedy said...

It stinks, doesn't it. However, I've found that by having a baby practically every year, I can get my mom to come home for several months. Frankly, its totally worth it. :)

Heidi said...

Oh, sweetie, I know...

Skype is a wonderful thing (we use it for Ciaran's Gran and Grandad) but it just isn't the same. One of the curses of the joy that is my multinational family is knowing that, no matter where we are, my son is missing out on being with one set of grandparents...it breaks my heart.

Lots and lots of hugs.

Heidi said...


The idea of having a wireless (or even dial-up) connection in Burkina Faso still cracks me up. Cote d'Ivoire, sure...we had ELECTRICITY at your house...but at mine we couldn't even plug in a fan until I was eight!

I know things have changed (obviously) and that Ouaga is different from Orodara, but it's just such a disconnect from those childhood memories that it makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

I'll try working on that.
MuttonChopsHubby and I are baby sitting a 3 month old on Sunday. This may cure him of his recent baby obsession, or it may only exacerbate it. You can always cross your fingers ;)
- SoccerSister

merideth said...

why are your parents going to africa? (feel free to say "nunya!")

i'll be praying for you.

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