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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Dark Side

Today was mostly good, at least between the hours of 10 am and 5:30 pm, but it took a rapid turn toward the Dark Side after that.

My head is killing me. Probably a combination of stress, fatigue, and allergies.

The kidlets have been acting up and driving me crazy. Misbehaving on purpose and then laughing at me sort of thing. They should have been asleep a while ago, as tired as they've been behaving, but I had to get their clothes sorted and put away first and time flew by. And now they won't stay in bed.

I yelled at them. Multiple times. I made them both cry. And it's all I can do not to be too rough with them because I'm so fed up with their attitudes. I know a lot of it is their ages, but some of it is also all the anxiety and stress that is Life These Days, and they're feeling it right along with me.

They're reflecting where I am, and that isn't looking too good.

So I'm going to take some headache medicine and drink lots of water, because I'm probably dehydrated.

And I'm going to order pizza and Greek salad from the little non-chain business with wonderful food and even better service, where they know who I am. They'll deliver, with a smile.

And I'm going to watch some TV or a movie.

And then I'm going to get in a warm bubble bath and read Hogfather, because I need to chuckle and lose myself in a different world.

And maybe tomorrow will be better.

7 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Tomorrow's a NEW day. Hoping it will be much better for you...and for the boys!

Monica said...

We've all spent some time in the Dark Side. In mine, I yell too much and get exasperated beyond belief.

Get some sleep -- tomorrow will be better!

bsouth said...

I live in The Dark Side. Welcome to my world!

I hope you had the evening you planned and that today is looking better for you.

Take care of yourself.

mom said...

In my experience, the dark side often follows a "high" like your Friday afternoon. Sigh. You're definitely under many kinds of pressures and stresses right now. As others have said, take care of yourself! Hope that beverages, and the sustenance delivered with a smile, helped, and that relaxation helped. And from experience, I know that today when you hug your kidlets and give them breakfast, they will forgive whatever happened on the dark side. Love you!

GingerB said...

Food and drugs help a lot - I hope they worked for you.

oreneta said...

Sounds like an EXCELLENT plan. Hope it works out.

sAm said...

Sending good thoughts your way. Sometimes when I'm down I think that maybe that's so I recognize when I'm up - I mean if you're never hungry, you don't know what full is like, right?
On another note - my son loves Terry Pratchett...I've never gotten his books - but I'm thinking I should give him another try!

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