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Friday, May 8, 2009

For You, Mother

I was born in the midst of a storm
Arriving as inconveniently as possible
Eyes open
Face up
Judging the world even as I entered

Your life was changed in that moment
Shifting into Mother and Center of My World
Arms open
Heart filled
Loving me before you even knew who I was

The storm has continued for three decades since
Wounding your heart from time to time
Angry words
Angry choices
Shutting you away from me and my pain

And you loved
And you prayed
And you grieved
And you reached out through time and time again
Of shifting welcome and rejection

Still my friend
Still my enemy
Still my antithesis
Still my secret part-of-self
Still my mother

And when my world fell apart
At long last
As you knew
And feared
And hoped it would

You were there
As you always had been there

And you loved
And you prayed
And you grieved
And you reached out through my fog of pain
To welcome me Home.

4 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Beautiful, TeacherMommy! I know a mom who's reading through tears!!

mom said...

Yes, tears. But dear heart, all through that long storm there were many moments of startling sunlight, warm interludes of soft breezes, precious islands of love expressed and treasured. And now, to know that you see it so clearly and realize that you have travelled far to come so truly home -- I could not be happier! Thank you for your words, an absolutely priceless gift.

GingerB said...

You and your mom and making me cry. Ihave to go now . . .

bsouth said...

That was beautiful and your mum's response was wonderful. You are lucky to have such a relationship.

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