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Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Search of Something And Where It Got Them

Someone, I forget who, did a post an eon ago (about a month in blogger time) about funny search terms that had led people, for better or worse, to her blog.

Since I now have (and obsess over) BlogPatrol and can see all that interesting info, I've been keeping track of some of the more interesting searches that have resulted in visits to my blog! Some are quite specific; others are creepy. Here are the ten I thought worth showing. I should note that there were quite a few about Thalon's death, which led them here. I also left off the one that was a little too pornographic and disturbing to put on a blog read by my mother and grandmother. Hi Mom! Hi Grandma!

I've linked to the posts the seekers [probably] found, and I've also googled a few myself to see what they MIGHT have really been looking for.

What's extra fun about this is that this post may end up bringing them back again! Mwahahahaha!

Hey, I have to get my jollies somehow. One can only torture students so much.

1. orya (I think they may have been looking for Oakland Ridge Youth Association or something like that. Apparently it's also a baby name meaning "peace," which is sort of sweet. At least they found a baby and a name, though not quite in the same way.)

2. how to make a whale out of a shoe (Um, what? Is this a reference to shoe box floats? Because instead they ended up here.)

3. do you know the muffin man screamo (Is there really a song like that? Is DramaBoy just that much ahead of his age group? Is he sneaking around listening to such music behind my back?!?)

4. two wolves within (I think they probably found what they were looking for. That's nice. They could have left an appreciative comment, though. Humph.)

5. “A better place than I had been” (I think this very specific search probably led here. I wonder if this was one of those desperation googles--you know, where you just type in a question or phrase you hope will lead to something inspiring? I hope they found what they needed, if so.)

6. élections enragé (It's not in French, but they found a version of such a concept here.)

7. nappies at boarding school (I think this is a little ewww. I mean, seriously. Though not the worst--you should see the search term I couldn't quite bring myself to post here. Not cool. Of course, this could have come from some desperate British mother wondering if she could send off her toddler to boarding school if he/she wasn't potty trained yet. Anyhow, they probably got the overall site instead, even though I don't use the word "nappies." I don't know. I probably have mentioned boarding school somewhere, though I can't seem to find it.)

8. girls posing in diapers (Sickos. I think they just got the overall site and hoped they would find some kink here. But they also could have checked here, I suppose, and perhaps the sight of my modestly covered chest gave them a little thrill.)

9. wisdom of dogs (Very philosophical, really. Kind of sweet. They ended up with this post, which does incorporate that idea and is rather philosophical in turn.)

10. it's going to be all right oh yeah lyrics (I'm not sure they meant to find this post and song, but maybe it made them happy anyways. I know that song makes me feel better, if not precisely happy.)

4 bits of love:

Beth said...

Could be my post you're thinking of. I'm glad you used the idea.

I enjoyed reading your version.

oreneta said...

I have gotten some creepy ones too, I went back and changed the post enough if I was getting enough traffic from it.

pictureeachday said...

I so very badly want to know what #2 was about!

I'm wondering if maybe #5 was also looking for lyrics. At least, when I want to know what the name of a song/artist is, I usually put some line in quotes and don't type "lyrics." There are probably other people out there like me, right?

I clicked over here from Schmutzie's the other day because I really wanted to read your students' poems. (I thoroughly enjoyed them, by the way.) I'm not exactly in the market for more blogs to read, but you seem to've sucked me in :) Now I've been stalking you for a couple days, so I thought I'd stop and say hi. Your student Eric made me laugh too. But I haven't said hi over there either. So shhh, don't tell him.

pictureeachday said...

Oh AND I wanted to tell you that I love your blog design :)

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