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Friday, April 17, 2009

Covering up the Girls

This is the first year in ages that I actually attended church on Easter (I wasn't even a holiday church-goer those last few years of darkness), and so I was absolutely forced, you see, to get a new dress and shoes. Well, at least the dress. Kind of. I've lost that weight, you know, and I didn't want to wear something black or grey or otherwise somber on a day of joyous celebration. I found a lovely dress at H&M that was within my budget, and then, of course, found some shoes at Payless to go with it. It was a terrible chore, but someone had to do it.

There was one teensy tiny problem, however. H&M has a tendency towards cleavage-baring in its tops and dresses, and this dress (a wrap style, to boot) was no exception. I figured that perhaps I should figure out a way to urge the neckline towards more modesty. A hidden snap was out, since the fabric would have shown the stitches. Same for a safety pin.

The solution? A little creative thinking.

A silver tie-pin from Meijer (it looks a little golden here due to lighting)

Fastened at the front of the dress

Close up look

Here we are! (Unfortunately you can't see my adorable new turquoise wedge heels...)

My handsome, wiggly boys

And again. The Widget has limited patience for posing.

I was going to do a first and use Mr. Linky here. Except my brain is refusing to understand the technology of it all. I am NOT ComputerMommy. Oh well. Maybe another time.

Do you have little tricks and tips for handling potential fashion faux-pas? If you do, feel free to comment--and if you have a post (past or present) that addresses the topic, link it in your comment!

4 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

You look gorgeous...love the dress and your hair!

I have no fashion tips; I'm fashionably challenged.

Anonymous said...

Tip - I have a couple different spaghetti-strap, thin material, lacey at the top tank-tops/camisols that I wear under dresses and tops with too deep of a neckline. If it's the right color, it adds to the outfit!!
- SoccerSister

Wanda said...

Brilliant! And you guys look beautiful!

I like a girl that can solve a problem! Great job!

Kelly said...

I like H&M but yes, their tops can be a little revealing sometimes. Good fix.

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