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Friday, April 24, 2009

Going Green and Gorgeous

This week has been very exciting because we have not one but TWO international celebrations of joy! Yesterday was, apparently, International Book Day (thank you for that info, orenata, even if it did come TOO LATE FOR ME TO POST ABOUT IT ON TIME!). I did happen to finish a book by a British author last night, which in my mind counts as a private celebration, even if I didn't know I was doing it. And then at some point earlier this week it was, apparently, Earth Day. I'm afraid that other than my normal efforts of turning off all electrical stuff at the end of the day and recycling the massive quantities of paper that pour through my hands on a daily basis, I didn't really do much to celebrate that one. No trees planted, no bicycling to work (HA!), no keeping the computer turned off all day, yada yada yada.

But since today is Fashion Friday (I'm getting hooked on the idea--I like being able to use Mr. Linky over at BigMama), I thought I might look more closely into that concept of "green" clothing. I'm not into the whole ugly hemp sandals and shapeless undyed cotton muumuus look, but surely in this day and age there's something decent--and perhaps more importantly, affordable--out there. It's such a rip-off that everything "green" and "organic" seems to cost so much more. It's like how you have to pay MORE for whole wheat bread, because you know, they had to LEAVE IN all that stuff instead of processing the hell out of it. Pay more for doing less and all that.

I just love capitalism.

Turns out (to my complete absence of surprise) that there are PLENTY of websites offering green clothing out there. Go ahead--just google "green clothing" and you'll get plenty. But I took the step of checking two of them out for you ( http://www.aventuraclothing.com/ and http://www.soul-flower.com/ ) and choosing some of my favorite (and more affordable) options. I'm also (because I'm just that nice) categorizing them. Your undying gratitude is, of course, absolutely welcome. There are other sites to check out as well, but these two seemed to have some great options and affordable prices.

I'm only covering tops, dresses, and skirts today. I'm also only focusing on women's clothing, although both sites have some awesome men's (and even children's) options. Now that I've been sucked into this world of eco-friendly clothing, I think I've found fodder for several weeks' worth of posts. So expect more next week.



This 3/4 sleeve organic cotton top by aventura has several really cute colors and patterns--I'm partial to the blue. It costs $49, which isn't Target price, but it's not absolutely unreasonable.

These little tank tops by life is good are on sale, which limits size and color availability, but drops the price to $14.99.

This adorable patterned stretch tank top by aventura is pricier at $37, but it's just so dang cute!


These smock tops at Soul-Flower.com are a little on the hippy-dippy side, but they're actually kind of adorable and definitely affordable at $28.

Soul-Flower.com also has a ton of very cute hoodies like the Hempy ($52) and the Revolutions and Soulshine (both $35 and which I SO want and just might order) and the Partridge (which zips up--$48).

Maybe I should just order almost everything on Soul-Flower.com. These Butterfly tunic blouses are on sale for $20; these Feelin' Groovy tie-dye tie-up blouses are really cute at $32; this Totem Tie Up tee, $32, would make me feel feminine and sassy at the same time.

Oh geez. Yeah. Just go to www.Soul-Flower.com and look at all the tops. There are way more than are listed here, and I could take up forever putting them here.


Aventura has pretty much nothing BUT cute on their dresses page, but here are a few favorites:

If you like halters and like simple, this organic cotton stretch dress goes for $52.

For a patterned version, this halter dress is $55.

And here's a sexy little nautical-inspired halter dress for $69. Get it in red and make the men's tongues roll out of their mouths.

If you aren't into halters, this ultra-light-weight cotton gauze dress goes for $57 and this patchwork-look dress ($72) would look great for either the fourth or fourteenth of July (depending on whether you'd prefer to celebrate Independence Day for the USA or France).

And finally for aventura, this gorgeous brielle chiffon dress would be PERFECT for summer date nights at $74.

Over at Soul-Flower they run more to skirts than dresses, but they have some super cute spring/summer options as well, and they're cheaper. Here are my two favorites:

This Jungle Love halter dress's name made me giggle, but it's really cute and only $34!

You'd have to be confident to pull off this much color and tie-dye, but I really like this Mudmee smocked dress, also $34.


Aventura doesn't have as many skirts that grab me, but there are a couple worth considering:

This kenzie ruffled organic cotton skirt ($57) has a lovely light, airy look.

And this destry bamboo/organic cotton stretch skirt ($62) is perfect for a soft, neutral look with intriguing details.

Soul-Flower, on the other hand, has so many options it's dizzying! These are the ones that made me salivate:

This Moon and Tree applique skirt ($42) is just so fun!

The Carly wrap skirt ($48) is made by women in Nepal and has a gorgeous look reminiscent of henna tattoo patterns; this Emerald Batik wrap skirt ($32) also has a beautiful "ethnic" look.

Again, you have to be brave about vivid colors, but this Wave wrap skirt ($30) and Mudmee Belle wrap skirt ($32) are breathtaking!

For more delicate, airy looks, check out the Butterfly Kisses cut-out skirts ($25 on sale), the Neopolitan skirts ($16 on sale), and the Blue Sky Butterfly Spinner skirt ($44, not on sale).

There you go! That's a start.

As for me--there goes my paycheck.

5 bits of love:

Becca said...

Thanks for all the links - I'm looking forward to checking them out!

Eric said...

I look forward to seeing all this green clothing. ;) You'd better come to class wearing it.

Yesterday I was complaining to my friend how expensive gatorade is. It wasn't always this way. Back in the day, gatorade was cheap! That is, until G2 popped in. As soon as that happened, Gatorade became expensive. Frickin' health stuff costs a TON. whatever.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Oooh, I love the destry bamboo/organic cotton stretch skirt. :-)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my Destry skirt from Aventura. It's super soft, drapes very nicely and doesn't wrinkle easily.

pictureeachday said...

Oh no! Why do you tempt us so?

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