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Friday, April 17, 2009

Keeping Up With the Joneses--or Whoever

In the broadening of my blogging horizon, I have become very aware that my blog is sad and dull in comparison to pretty much Every Single Blog Out There. And even though we shouldn't judge the blog by the header and all that, still...I'm suffering from some seriously low blog esteem.

So one of my artistically inclined students said she'd create a drawing that hopefully can be scanned and converted into a unique header for my page, but I kinda want the whole thing to look--well--you know, PRETTY. Attractive. The kind of blog that says Hey you! Yeah, you lurking over there! Come check me out! Stay a while! Not to mention that I don't really even know how to get the header to look the way I'd like NOW, much less with a piece of scanned art involved.

While being computer literate, I am not exactly computer savvy. Coding is pretty much beyond me. I couldn't even convince Mr. Linky to work, and I had step-by-step instructions.

I know I'm married to a computer geek, but things being the way they are, I feel a little weird asking him to pretty up my blog. Maybe I should suck it up and do that anyways, but first I figured I'd ask the Interwebs and see if there's anyone out there who might take pity on a nice Mommyblogger with a slim bank account.

Ideas? Volunteers?

4 bits of love:

The Kampers said...

Do you know about Cutest blog on the block? Sometimes a bit cheesy, but there are some interesting things, and they are all free.

Kathleen said...

If all you want is a picture on your header, I'm your gal. Something more complicated? Not so sure, although I can walk you through Cutest Blog on the Block as "The Kampers" mentioned. Or you can scroll down to the bottom of my blog and click on the link "blogger template" (in white) there for another site. There are many others like it that offer free blogger templates. I know a little html too, which I have picked up from "HTML for Dummies" as well as fiddling with my Write4Homeschool site. So...all this to say, I can help you a little bit, but sometimes I get into more trouble because of my limited knowledge! :-)

SecretSpinelessWhine said...

Nap Warden is excellent and she does not charge enough. Really! -M

Amy W said...

Hey - I just stopped by to say thank you for entering the Great Cakes Soapworks giveaway at Fiddledeedee!! Best wishes to you!!

I have no input for blog design, but I am participating in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog at problogger. You can always do the assignments at your own pace. It's been really good so far!

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