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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ramblings--Oh, and DramaBoy is Better, Too. Yay Amoxicillin!

Yeah, so you know how this is Spring Break and I'm supposed to have all this "free time"? Ha. You should see my agenda book for this last week.

You see, I don't sit at my computer as much when I'm not at work. And when I do, I'm quickly checking email or playing World of Warcraft or that sort of thing, not looking through blogs (you have NO IDEA how many blog postings I have to read in order to catch up!) or writing posts. Plus I make appointments for as many of the sorts of things I don't have time for during work weeks, or at least more of them. PLUS it's Holy Week and I've been trying to be involved in my church's Holy Week events as much as possible, since it actually means something this year.

I have a million posts rolling through my mind, though. I've even taken to jotting them down on a blank sheet of paper. Some of them will likely never make it to publishing, but others will come in time. Of course, many of my best ideas occur while I am driving and have no opportunity to write them down, at least without causing major traffic fatalities. I'm starting to understand why people carry around mini-recorders, but I don't know if I could take myself seriously talking into one of those, not to mention the pain in the ass of listening back. If I ever succumb, y'all know I have become a Serious Writer. Or something.

At any rate, today we celebrated the Widget's 2nd birthday party (the day proper is Monday, but today worked and hey, he doesn't know any better), and although I have many cute pictures, the camera is still sitting on the table back at the house. Where I glanced at it and thought, I better remember to grab that before I leave so I can download all those cute pictures.

My brain isn't a very reliable secretary, unfortunately. If it were a person, she would have been fired a while ago. Remembering minutiae from various books and articles and such I have read is all well and good when I am playing Couch Jeopardy, but it would be very nice if I could also remember things like Grab the camera before you leave and You have a staff meeting that Tuesday so don't schedule anything else or You just put a tangerine in your purse and you should take it out when you're home so it doesn't start providing its own special aroma to the purse's interior and its contents.

So you'll have to wait patiently and hope my brain does a better job when I go to the house tomorrow after church. And then brace yourself for an onslaught of pictures of Very Cute Kidlets, because I only have a backlog of, oh, six months.

May God have mercy on you.

Finally, on a more serious note, in case I don't get around to posting anything else before next week: Happy Easter, in the fullness of all that means. May you truly know the reality of God With Us.

2 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

I believe our Brain Secretaries take a leave of absence when we have children. That's my theory anyway. Looking forward to seeing adorable pictures!

Have a blessed Easter!

mom said...

Your blessing for Easter is the greatest one!
SOOOOOO grateful for Amoxicillin. And I happen to want to see those pictures.

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