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Monday, April 27, 2009

Grace in Small Things #3

1. Creme brulee coffee at the Color Guard coffee table this morning

2. A visit from a wonderful former student during my prep hour (even if he did "distract" me from my prep work for the whole hour. I mean, someone comes and visits, it would be RUDE not to chat, right?)

3. Yummy cupcakes from a student who arrived late from co-op so picked up a bribe--ahem, I mean "gift of contrition"--on the way to school

4. Lots of compliments on my hair, which is awesome because I spent WAY more time on it this morning than usual--product, hair dryer, curling iron and all

5. Hitting 1000 on my site-meter!

5 bits of love:

Eric said...

And your hair looks damn good today. :)

mom said...

1. Finding a Starbucks so I could read TeacherMommy's blogs (catching up). 2. Laughing with you over the adventures/terrors/delights of mommyhood. 3. Your dad finding coffee and a fruitcup with pineapple and melons in it for my breakfast, all at a nearby gas station. 4. A really great QT with Stephen Curtis Chapman, who joined me to remind me about my magnificent obsession. 5. The green, green forests of GA and TN climbing up hills on both sides of the highway as we whiz along in bright sunshine. (Sorry about the weather in MI and CO, for example.) -- Thanks, hon, for the reminder to count some GIST's. Wish I could have seen your hair--do it that way again sometime when I'm there to see it!

Kathleen said...

Ask Eric if your site meter picks up those of us who read your blog on Google Reader but don't always actually visit your blogsite. Because if there are lots of us Google Readers out there, it could be above 1000! :-)

Why is my word verification "haters"?

oreneta said...

Grace in small things.

walking in the hills. kissing the girls, laughing, talking with the man.

formerstudent said...

You are too kind! :)

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