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Friday, April 3, 2009

To Shoe Or Not To Shoe: That Is The Question

I know. You're reeling. Two posts in one day? you exclaim. What happened to working?

Spring Break, people. Spring Break. Today is the last day before I get a whole blessed week off, and I have Nothing Crucial planned.
Other than a teeth cleaning at the dentist (only three years overdue), three therapist visits (two individual and one joint), a chiropractor and therapeutic massage appointment (thank God for fabulous medical insurance--I pay $5 for that!), and a haircut and coloring appointment. And probably a play date on Friday. You know. Nothing big.
Not like the high level importance of posting something fashion related, because Big Mama does a Fashion Friday and I really really want to be able to use Mr. Linky. It's fun.
Big Mama loves scarves; I love shoes. Might have mentioned that before. I have been in the process of taking pictures of some of my favorite shoes, but my camera ran out of battery and so that's postponed. But I can post some pictures of shoes I have and want! So here goes...
I mentioned I "needed" a good pair of grey or silver sandals/heels, right? So Payless came to the rescue again, and here's what I found:So cute, right? When I wore them the other day, one of my senior guys asked me Why are you always wearing the snazzy shoes, Ms. TeacherMommy?
They give me happiness, I replied. Would you deny me a small piece of happiness in this dark, cruel world?
He laughed. The world's what you make of it, Ms. TeacherMommy! he said.
Out of the mouth of eighteen-year-olds.
'Tis the time of sandals and strappy heels, folks. I have hope of Spring, even if Michigan's weather doesn't like to give way so easily. So here are some of the lovely works of inexpensive art that I'm eyeing in the pages of Payless:

1. This adorable dotted pump, which of course would fill in the gaping hole that is the lack of polka dots in my shoe collection:2. This T-strap sandal, which is so elegant and makes me drool, even though I already have plenty of strappy black heels:

3. This "sassy architectural pump" (whatever that means--was it designed by an adherent of Frank Lloyd Wright?) that looks very cool but makes me wonder what it would do to my ankle:

4. This lime green dress sandal just makes me happy. I have lots of this style, but none that are plain lime green, which would actually work for me because I am one of the very lucky few who actually looks good in such a color!
5. And for those casual summery days, how about this ever-so-elegant ringed sandal that harks back to something vaguely Grecian or Roman or something like?

6 & 7. And this one or that one, too, which goes with all the browns and tans and such that, of course, need their own color palette:

And that's just one shoe store!
I should probably look into a pedicure.

7 bits of love:

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

I love shoes! Payless is always a great source for inexpensive trends.

Kathleen said...

You are too funny! Please come visit me so you can teach me some of your shoe sense; I have absolutely zero!! On another note, please do be careful teaching in those heels! I wore heels my first year teaching and had to have surgery the next year!

Beth said...

You wear heels to work!? My heavens, woman- you are one tough TeacherMommy. I am too weak and cowardly to face a day on my feet in those things...though I have to admit those FLW sandals DO give me a tiny wish to wear such flashy items.
In France, it's sheer misery to buy shoes. There's no Payless. There's either super-expensive, high-quality shops or less expensive shops selling complete garbage. There seems to be no in-between...
BTW-Congrats on TWO posts in one day!

thedomesticfringe said...

I LOVE all these shoes! I posted on shoes today too. Stop by if you have a minute and let me know if you like them.



sAm said...

I have this weird thing about shoes. Because I hate feet so much I truly believe that shoes should be ugly. My normal choices are shoes like Doc Martens, Croc flip-flops, Converse...you get the idea - ugly. That being said, the shoes you posted could change my mind - very hot! But you're still sticking ugly old feet in them! (not to imply your feet in particular are ugly...just feet in general)

Hit 40 said...

OMG! I can not believe how many of us (teachers) blog! And we are all on spring break this week! I think we will melt the servers with all our blogging. I think this could be a post for us? Why do teachers love to blog? I have my ideas.

TeacherMommy said...

I wish I were blogging up a storm! I have an ever-increasing list of blogging topics I want to write up, but my agenda is more packed this week than during "normal" ones, so my poor blog has been neglected. So much for priorities.

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