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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Um, Maybe I Should Clarify

Because my last post got rather confusing, I think. It was SUPPOSED to be a nice educated treatise on the problems of social concepts of beauty.

Yes, really.

So no, I don't need all sorts of reassurances that I'm beautiful (in Africa or elsewhere). I mean, not that I would be offended by that, mind you.

I guess my ultimate point is that humans manage to screw up pretty much everything. And we have definitely managed to screw up the idea of what makes someone beautiful. We are individuals, unique, each of us special in our own ways. Yet we act as though in order to be beautiful, we should all follow a generic model of appearance.

Now that's crazy.

5 bits of love:

Eric said...

FINE.You're not beautiful in Africa.

But I guess I understand it now. ;)

Kathleen said...

"Tu as grossir!" Remember being told that and having to fake smile at the culture's compliment and say "Merci!"?

Great commentary in your last post; I don't think it really needed clarifying! And you are beautiful.

And just to clarify...I wasn't saying tu (YOU) as grossir; I was merely making a statement about cultural differences! :)

oreneta said...

I think there is inevitably going to be something of a cult of youth as a basic fact of breeding realities, to be brutal about it. The animal parts that are us know that a 21 year old girl is a better breeding prospect than a 47 year old woman. You know what though? I'm all done breeding thankyouverymuch.

I am a 12 or 14...a healthy 40 here in Europe. Never thought that was plus size, I guess it is.

What is a size 0 anyway? Would that be a ghost or a skeleton? THAT is weird.

Eric said...

Somebody that wears a size zero is this thin:


Yes. That's it. I can make a stick person with them. Because they're sticks.

TeacherMommy said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Eric! A high school senior male who does NOT salivate at the idea of a stick.

Well done, m'lad.

And I agree.

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