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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Join Me in My Journey: Part One (Unless I never get around to doing any more parts. One never knows.)

Ever since I read My Bad Mother's post challenging mommybloggers to journey 'round the world, and promptly posted my response, I've dipped from time to time into other mommy's posts. As a result, my blogroll is getting awfully lengthy. I'm actually finding myself a wee bit grateful that not everyone posts on a daily basis, because although I'm a crazy fast reader (seriously, people hate me), I could end up spending the majority of my day just reading blogs.


Anywho, I thought maybe I'd continue the journey a little more (because the bloggers I linked on my post didn't post, shame on them) by linking some of the posts I've read that have touched me in a particular way, or made me laugh extra hard, or whatever.

Because I'm generous, and I love to get people addicted to reading. Even if only to Mommyblogs. (By the way, I know some people don't like that term, but I really do. Because that's what we are, and that's what they are, even when our posts aren't purely about children or motherhood. Being a Mommy is a glorious title, and a complex one, and it's more than just bottle and diapers and boo boos, as the first poster I'm linking says.)

And remember, those of you who read my blog and aren't mothers (I'm thinking, in particular, of you, Eric!) not only mommies can get something out of well-written Mommyblog posts.

Have fun reading!

I'd normally want to add some sweet 'n' sour to the whiskey, but this post on Whiskey in My Sippy Cup sure went down smooth.

Brit in Bosnia has a lovely British snarkiness in her post that made me immediately want to check her out otherwise. Snarky is good.

MKM over at Expatriate Games intrigued me because she's surviving--very well--being a single mother. With my own marital future so up in the air, and already single-parenting my kids to a certain extent in separation mode, it was good to read a reminder that single parenting can be full of very good things.

The (apparently) nameless blogger at Planet Nomad wrote a post about her kids as TCKs (Third Culture Kids) which struck a note because of my own background as a TCK.

Vania at Capsula del Tiempo (who blogs in both Spanish and English--very kind of her to provide the translation!) has some highly amusing and oh-so-true observations. Plus maybe I have a chance of impressing my DramaBoy if I can pick up some Spanish from her, since he's ahead of me there due to those Spanish lessons he's been getting.

Monica at And I'll Raise You 5 has a delightful snarkiness that I imagine has helped her survive being the mother of five kids--which is three more than I can even barely handle at the moment, so bravo Monica. I lolled at her first listing: I love the sense of absolute power I have over my kids. I am she-who-must-be-obeyed. I love having this much power over other human beings so much that sometimes I make them do things just because I can. So true. So true.

Oreneta over at Oreneta Aground is just plain hilarious in that stream-of-barely-consciousness way that cracks me up. Worth a read, and I will probably be back again. She's the type of blogger that tempts me to join Twitter, just cuz I know I'd be laughing frequently.

MamaShift at Travel Shifts wrote a beautiful, poetic post that brought tears to my eyes.

Whew! I'm barely halfway through David's massive list over at It's Not a Lecture! Lots of reading still to do, and I think I'll stop this post for now because I'm already on day two of writing it. I hate that this will post as if it was yesterday when it's really today because I'd rather not live in the past, but these are the burdens we Blogger people must bear. Sigh.

And now I have to also go update my blogroll and desperately try to keep up with my reading.

Oh, and I think I'm supposed to be working. Yeah.

Too bad I can't be paid for reading blogs.

7 bits of love:

mom said...

Wish I could read crazy fast as you!

David said...

Wow - this is a great review of what's been done so far. I really appreciate that someone is looking at the posts. I'm definitely going to add this post to the 80clicks page.

More to come...

Solana Larsen said...

these are some of my favorites too!

oreneta said...

I love your blog title and thank you so much for the glowing shout out! Back again for sure!

Heidi said...

Okay, okay, all right already ;p

Posted here for you!


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Thanks for the link. Glad you liked the post and a good bit of British snarkiness. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the others you recommend.

MamaShift said...

Awww, thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

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