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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This Is Just To Say: Student Versions, Part One

Being brilliant at coming up with last-minute assignments for my students (especially when I haven't been doing a good job of planning beforehand), I riffed off my post yesterday and assigned my tenth graders and my Creative Writing students their own "This Is Just To Say" spoofs. I'm quite pleased with the results that are rolling in, and thought I'd share some of my favorites (with student permission) in a few posts.

Here are three of my favorites, so far, from my upper classmen Creative Writing students:

I have eaten by the computer which was wrong
Forgive me Ms. Ross, if only you understood
The persistance of a double chocolate muffin
--Mackenzie Conn

I have not given the tests that you were ordered
which would help the doctor find out why you are ill
forgive me, texting is so distracting and fun
--Stephanie Mullins

Big Mac, Chocolate Sundae, Large Fries, Cheese Burger;
Lent is forty days too long to abstain from them;
No mortal can resist this fatty temptation.
--Victoria Harp

These are from some honors tenth graders:

I did not write or even attempt the essay,
Despite the fact that it is to be done today.
Forgive me: you see, my goat was rather hungry.
--My Tran

i do not have the money i borrowed from you
and which you probably need to make your payments.
forgive me, there was a sale at the mall today.
--Krista Niess

I have eaten all the cookies from the pantry
You have specifically made them for next week
I could have sworn that I heard them calling my name
--Jessica Johnson

1 bits of love:

Eric said...

I knew I'd seen that assignment before.


but whatev.

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