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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shaky but Grateful

I was going to hop on tonight and do a post about The Widget, whose second birthday was yesterday and somehow did not get his deserved paean of praise and love. However, about half an hour ago, on my way home from a date with ComputerDaddy, I hit a patch of water while braking on the VERY wet highway and spun out of control. I ended up doing a 360 all the way across three lanes of highway and back again. Miraculously, I did not hit the median, did not hit any other cars (or trucks, which were barreling down the road like the rain did not exist), and did not cause anyone else to crash or lose control. I ended up mostly on the grassy shoulder, angled back towards oncoming traffic, the car stalled out, saying Thank You! Thank You! over and over as I hunched over the wheel.

I still don't know the physics of how I didn't hit that median and instead spun back across the road. I'm not so sure there wasn't a helpful push from one of my guardian angels.

So I'll post about The Widget tomorrow. I think he would understand.

2 bits of love:

The Kampers said...

YIKES! Glad you are ok!

mom said...

Yes, the Widget will be blissfully unaware of exactly when you blog about his milestone. That slippery slide you took definitely was a shaker-upper!

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