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Friday, April 17, 2009

The Burden of the Second-Born

So remember how I said way back when that The Widget turned two on Monday? And how I was going to get around to posting about it? Because I didn't do it on time?

Yeah. It's Friday and nothing has been done.

I am feeling a bit guilty. DramaBoy got his back in November, right on time, and here poor Widget suffers the pangs and anguish of the second-born: hand-me-downs, rarely getting solo time with Mama or Daddy, huge gaps of his life NOT recorded by digital or video camera, late blogging...

I do want to do a decent job of writing about my precious Widget, and the words just aren't there at the moment. So I'm filling the gap, for the non, with a picture that captures his personality very, very well. Enjoy.

1 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

Ahh. Now you have an inkling of MY life. Just kidding. I don't remember that part of it.
- Soccer Sister

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