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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Passing of an Orya

Sigh. I guess not many people read my blog, or at least are willing to leave a comment, because all of two (2) two (II) people left any comments/guesses on my post about DramaBoy's vocabulary. Sigh again. I feel lonely and unloved.

I could wait for another week or two to see if people are just out-of-town/under-a-rock/bashing-their-computers-against-the-walls-in-frustration-over-tech-issues before posting the answers. But in order to make today's post, I must reveal at least one answer. If I do one, might as well do them all. Since no one probably cares anyway. Not that I'm bitter.

(Breathe. Relax. Release. Woooo-saaaaa.)

So here are the answers to the puzzle:

What Was That Again? Peculiar Pronunciation:

1. banilla logut = vanilla yoghurt
2. basint = basement
3. aldagader = alligator
4. Orya = Eeyore
5. ginkle ginkle little tar = twinkle twinkle little star
6. cawkit = chocolate

I Think You Mean... Silly Syntax and Wacky Words:

7. pumpkin patch = jack o' lantern
8. What kind of grandma/sister/friend is it? = Which one is it?
9. What are we going? = Where are we going?
10. I need to get on my dress. = I need to get dressed.

Congrats to both Kathleen and Riley, not only for being the ONLY ONES TO GUESS, but for getting so many correct!

I should note that DramaBoy is actually quite a bit more accomplished in his language and pronunciation than that post may have indicated. Not to brag or anything. Much.

And kidlets grow up. Just last week DramaBoy sang "kinkle kinkle little star," giving me quite a start with the change in consonants and the successful addition of an "s" to "star." It was a first on that one. And last week he officially stopped his adorable and much adored use of "Orya" for "Eeyore." ComputerDaddy and I are in mourning. I'm considering wearing an armband. Grey, of course.

Last year (or was it the year before? My memory is swiss cheese...) my sister gave DramaBoy a beautiful, soft, huggable stuffed Eeyore of the classic Winnie the Pooh persuasion. Classic Eeyore is always to be preferred, of course.
We are talking rather than .

DramaBoy promptly named him "Orya," his semi-reversed version of "Eeyore." Which delighted us. And Orya he has been ever since. Until yesterday.

Last night I was relaxing on the couch, with ComputerDaddy on the other end, and I wanted a few last snuggles with DramaBoy before he had to go off to bed. Orya was on my lap, a remnant of the Pile Toys on Mama game DramaBoy had been playing earlier. The following conversation ensued:

TeacherMommy: Will you come cuddle with me and Orya for a little bit?
DramaBoy: It's Eeyore.
TM: No, that's Orya. That's his special name.
ComputerDaddy: You called him that when you were really little. His name is Orya.
DB: No, it's not! It's my Eeyore!
TM: (pouting) It can't be Orya?
DB: (gently, with pity) No, it's not, honey! It's not.
CD: Can you say "Orya," just for Mama and Daddy? Just one more time?
DB: "Or-ah."
CD: "Orya."
DB: "Orrrrr--aaah."


DB: I think I can't say it. I think I forgot. I did that yesterday. I think I forgot.

It's the passing of an era. He turns three tomorrow, and he will never be quite so much a little boy again.

6 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Aww...it is sad when one of their isms passes, isn't it? My baby no longer says Bubble You for "W". And I never got it on video. :-(

Don't be sad. Or bitter. Besides participating in the guessing, I now always think about you when my daughter speaks. For example, last night when she said, "Dat's 'PongeBob KwarePants!"

Heidi said...

I was so sad when Ciaran stopped pronouncing his name, "Kian".

I rarely get even two comments on my blog, so really, you are SO VERY POPULAR!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit I was very busy when I read your blog on DB's speech, and then out of town and surrounding by people, so I just never got around to interpreting/guessing. But I did know most of them, having just been with the little guy (especially the what kind of grandma? one -- they asked us, in one session at MHM, to share a moment of joy with someone next to us, and that little question followed by the light in his eyes when he saw me were my moment!). Just wanted you to know. I will mourn with you the passing of Orya and yet celebrate the arrival of Eeyore, with all that it signifies. DramaBoy is a wonder. Mom

All Rileyed Up said...

I totally did not see Eeyore coming. :)

And I kind of feel that my jack-o-lantern guess was close enough. That counted, right?

TeacherMommy said...

Absotively! :)

Glenn said...

It is a sad time when those cherished words leave the vocabulary. I remember when you called maanna and baada for grandma and grandpa! Cherish the days, they go all too quickly.

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