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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Join Me On My Journey: Part Two (Because Even Though Ian McKellan Is Yummy In That Villainous Sort of Way, I Really Don't Need To Watch Macbeth Again)

I've revisited David's latest 80 Clicks Update over at It's Not a Lecture (it's up to update SEVEN! with 172 posts from bloggers in or from 36 countries and features posts in six languages!) and have discovered more well-written posts by MommyBloggers (and some GrandmommyBloggers) all over the world. Once again, I may have to add to my Blogroll, and that's just getting obnoxious. Damn you and your brilliant ideas, David and Catherine!

Here are some of my newest favorite posts:

1. Maggie over at Moppet Tales has a short but cheerful post, including a delightful description of toddler musicality that made me chuckle.

2. Kath over at Blurb from the Blurbs has amazingly descriptive memories, including one involving vomit, which is all too real for me these days. Oh, and she apparently has/had a brain tumor, which just makes me all the more amazed because seriously.

3. There's just something about Goofy Mumma's post over at A Goofy Mumma's Happy Blog that made me smile. Maybe it's the goofiness that comes through (which is always endearing) or the adorable pictures or the glimpse of Indian mummahood...

4. What is it about these brilliant British bloggers? English Mum over at English Mum in Ireland gave a wonderful, funny, and oh-so-slightly-scary view into my future when my boyish tots become boyish teens.

5. I pretty much nodded (in the agreeing sort of way, not the nodding off sort) all the way through this post by Inexplicably over at Inexplicably. Another Indian MommyBlogger, by the way.

6. Barbara over at Barbara's 365 (I think that's the title--it's a little unclear) is gently amusing in her post, and somehow I get the feeling we would really get along. Although I'm highly frustrated that her tantalizing link to Attack of the Redneck Mommy got me nowhere because Redneck Mommy apparently is considered Tasteless & Offensive by my work web filter. Which of course just makes me want to read it all the more. Damn Barracuda.

7. Choxbox at Life is a box of chocolates did a second post, this time a little more about the two eras of her life (Before Children and After Delivery) that I really enjoyed, more so than her first (Which was perfectly fine, no offense meant, but the second one was more UNIQUE. This is a truism of most memes, though, so nothing personal. Oh dear. Now I feel a little guilty).

8. Lavs at A Celebration called Life is brilliant in her post. I especially loved her statement (so TRUE!) that Motherhood tears apart all crooked, half cooked and full baked theories which one might have formed prior to motherhood. Your kid will ensure that the words you had uttered, in fury of young blood cruising your veins, would one day come back to hit you right in the face.

9. I just plain ENJOYED this post by kbpm over at musings from mumbai. She's a teacher, a bibliophile/maniac, a mommy--hmm. Sound familiar? Plus she's funny. Always a bonus.

10. Wordjunkie over at WordJunkie is just what she says--a wordjunkie--and as a result I just delighted in reading her post. She breaks the rules about listing FIVE things, but I had to go back after to check that because (1) she didn't number them, and (b) I didn't mind at all. List on, Wordjunkie, list on.

11. Parul Sharma at Bringing Up Adi is a published author and I might just have to track down her book if it's as funny and well-written as her post. Plus, I just have to agree with her when she says My question is - why does parenting have to be perfect? A beautiful experience with no ups and downs? Hell, if it was not for the other side of parenting, the one where all the flaws and darkness, not to mention the poop and throw-up exists, it would not half as interesting. Or smelly. As I already mentioned earlier today, my parenting experience is currently quite interesting and definitely smelly.

12. Baino at Baino's Banter takes us through the whole experience of motherhood (her kidlets are now adultlets) in an adrenaline rush of a post. I hope I survive as well as she apparently has!

That's enough for now. Whew! I still have a lot of reading to do. And I haven't even really gotten around to commenting at these wonderful blogs! However, Time and the hour run through the roughest day and so it is with me. I must hie me to my students and guide them in their endeavors. There shall perchance be more anon!

4 bits of love:

David said...

I really appreciate that you're doing this. You've added so much value to what we're doing.

Sorry, but I'm not stopping until we get bloggers from 80 countries. 68 countries celebrate Mother's Day on May 10, but only 19 of them are represented in our little project...

Monica said...

A perfect day to watch Macbeth: Shakespeare's birthday!

English Mum said...

Aw that's so nice - thanks for the link and the kind words (and sorry for the scary look into the future -it's not that bad, honest!!) xx

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for your very kind words and for linking to me. Thank you for enjoying me too!

Hmm, you're right, it isn't clear what my blog is called (it is Barbara's 365) but I couldn't get a title and the header picture to work together. I feel it may be time for a bit of an overhaul so I'll take that into account.

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