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Monday, August 31, 2009

I'd Hire Him As My Teacher Aide, but Those Pesky Child Labor Laws Get In the Way

The freshmen are looking younger every year

Prepping for the school year is less than easy with a Widget rampaging about the classroom. But it sure wasn't boring.

Actually, The Widget did amazingly well today. He was still a little too snot-nosed and congested for daycare, but MUCH better than he was on Saturday. So he tagged along to work with me today, on my first trip back into the building since school let out.

I didn't get up on chairs to tack and staple decorations onto the wall because I didn't want to give him ideas. And I didn't rearrange the room because I didn't want to squish him. And I didn't get syllabi printed off and copied because there's a new printer/copier system and I don't have a clue how to make it work yet.

So what DID I get done? Well, I pulled a bunch of posters and books out of my cabinets so that The Widget could perform the important task of strewing them under the tables and slamming the cabinet doors shut. I also unpacked the gorgeous new desk chair that one of my mentees gave me at the end of the year so that The Widget could help me put it together by using my car keys as his screwdriver. I did manage to do some lesson planning while The Widget rearranged chairs, scattered crayons around the room, and made friends with a custodian or two.

He was a big help.

And I could have eaten him up with a spoon.

8 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

What a CUTIE!!! And great pictures! And, boy, does that chair look comfy!!

Mwa said...

I want a job in your school! What kind of a chair is that? I only ever had wobbly wooden chairs!

sAm said...

What a cutie! I love the picture of him in your new chair...and what a great gift from your mentee!

The Kampers said...

I LOVE this part of school, getting things together, getting excited about the year! How fun that Widget got come come!

Lauren said...

Such darlings... almost worth going back to school for...

Lauren said...

I also want to know how someone GIVES you such a nice chair... What's the real story?

Dad said...

Yes, he is a cutie!!! Are you saying something about the expected level of your student's English if you would hire Widget as your teacher aide?

mom said...

Guess who else could eat Widget with a spoon? As always, blessings on you for sharing the moments. (And I love the picture of him at the lockers. Sooooooo precocious.)

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