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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Really Am Excited About School Starting, but I Need a Good Kickstart

Tired. That's the word. And unmotivated. That's another good one.

I started the day with vim and vigor, but my energy has waned and I'm staring around at the chaos that is my classroom, with its haphazard few decorations (the rest are sitting on tables and in cabinets), with the piles of textbooks staring at me. We dare you, they taunt. You haven't poured your heart into your job in three years. What makes you think you can start now?

I want to, you know. I want to get back to teaching the way I know I can teach, with passion and committment and dedication to my work. I want to open up vistas for students, spark ideas, build confidence and skill. I want them to want to come to my class, even when they know I'll be tough and kick their butts.

But lack of sleep and the sleepiness of my new medication (which will wane, they say, as my body grows accustomed) mean that I've gotten little done today. I look back over the last ten hours and wonder--what have I accomplished? A little lesson planning with my Professional Learning Community colleagues, a handful of decorations put up, a good deal of semi-fruitless efforts to create reading quizzes for the summer reading assignments.

I'll be here tomorrow, but will have no time to work in my classroom. And I won't be able to stay after school. So Friday is my last chance. I'll have five or six hours during the day to tackle this room, tackle my remaining prep work. Next Tuesday the students descend upon us and I must be ready, come hell or high water.

Anyone have a handy teen just dying to spend an hour in a classroom helping a frazzled TeacherMommy get the room looking presentable? I might even be willing to cough up a buck or two...

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The Kampers said...

I would love to come and help, but alas, I live a bit far, and I am not sure I would be any help with the kiddos in tow!

Kathleen said...

Ditto on The Kampers!

Here's to sending you some Motivation Vibes...I know it will be an awesome year for you. May that dedication to the students rise to the occasion, and may your passion re-ignite!

Arby said...

I have the teen. Do you have the airfare? Nice new look to the blog!

GingerB said...

If I had some energy I'd send it to yuou - we are plum tuckered out. I, too, like the blog update! And get a load of that Arby, did he get younger looking or what??

Mwa said...

Try to be kind to yourself. Beating yourself up isn't going to help. You would probably be more understanding if it was someone else going through all that.

(Word verification: tramplog - funny!)

MomZombie said...

Darn, I just read this. I have a handy teen but I don't know if I can haul her out there in due time to help you. Contact me if you wish and I'll see if I can make it happen. Is Saturday a possibility?
Meanwhile, can you plug in your iPod or crank out some tunes for motivational purposes? It sounds like a big job to tackle. One step at a time and it can be done.
Love the new look!

mom said...

OK, I could help too, but I have pretty much the same excuse as others. Hmmm, the airfare thing. . . Dad would jump on a plane in a minute, too. But this is what I know about you: you procrastinate, you whine (it's okay if I say it because you already have admitted that publicly), but you rise to the deadline and get things done! It's that sleep thing that needs to be addressed. Du courage!! (My "word verif'n" today is: behypers! Now, that would help, too!)

Dad said...

I would come, but by the time we got there classes would be starting! Then I don't know how much help I would be as I am so much like you - or is that the other way around in that I was here first!

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