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Friday, August 14, 2009

two small boys on beach

Haiku Friday

two small boys on beach
splash through the shallows and sand
shrieks of glee and fun

i sit on a rock
damp granite on sandy rear
content to watch them

once i too ran here
building sandcastles in sun
endless energy

these days i prefer
to simply sit, supervise
and sip lemonade

go play, small boylets
for these are innocent years
and too soon are gone

4 bits of love:

melissa said...

i hope you're having a nice and relaxing time!
see you monday!!

Todd said...

Desist the blogging,
to your vacation return
your rapt attention!

Hold, on second thought,
admonishment is withdrawn.
A respite blog gives.

This day I too spent
at beach play with my daughter
and have burns as proof.

Your experiment
is appreciated, this
Haiku Friday meme.

Draft Queen said...

I stink at haiku. Poetry in general, even.

You, however, do not. Smile!

Jenelle said...

Hee hee--boylets. :)

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