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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm a Frickin' Mess and This Post Just Proves It. Look Away. Or Not. You Decide. I Can't Decide Anything Any More. Including When to End This Title.

So just as I'm settling into this whole summer thing, August is ending. I mean, seriously. So unfair. I was getting used to sleeping until 7:30 or 8 each morning. And meeting friends and their kidlets for playdates. And spending hours and hours online.

My life, it can be difficult.

But next week (NEXT WEEK!) my kidlets go back to daycare full time and I will have to report to school for intro stuff and professional development stuff and setting-up-the-room-again stuff and oh yeah, kinda need to plan things for that new class I've never taught before.

And I'm all Holy crap! because golly gee, September is going to be crazy! There's school starting up again and moving into the new apartment/back into the house/figuring out that whole thing (that'll be on the 19th, by the way). We have to track down things for the apartment on Craig's List and at Salvation Army, cuz we're not spending a fortune for that place. Oh, and I'll probably start attending Bible Study Fellowship on the occasional Monday night for in-depth Bible study. Not to mention needing to track down some sort of affordable classes I can take for the requisite six credits I'll need to renew my teaching certification. I also need to start exercising again, to deal with both flab and anxiety.

Somewhere in there I should really try to eat.

By the way, has anyone seen my sense of humor? I seem to have mislaid it somewhere.

I shouldn't even post this piece of crap. Oh well. There's no way I'm able to write the several posts I'd rather be creating, about my wonderful Girls Only Dinner on Saturday or my trip to pick raspberries or my trip to Eastern Market or anything like that. Though if you head to DetroitMommies.com you can find a little something about the raspberries and Eastern Market. I seem to have used up my skillz over there.

Ack. I'm out.

6 bits of love:

melissa said...

oh my poor little honey!! when i get back, we'll go out for drinks!!

Rachael @PineappleBabble said...

Melissa beat me to it - but I was gonna say, you need a drinky-poo!

August kicked my ass so I'm hoping for better out of September - maybe some of the goodness will spill over onto you...I'll aim your direction!

Good luck!

Meghan said...

I love BSF! It totally changed my life.

Arby said...

A drinky-poo? Sister, you need a keg!

But have no fear, you didn't lose your sense of humor, you just used it up in your title.

merideth said...

aww, man! i hate days like this one for you. for me, the worst part would be scrambling for those ceu's!

MomZombie said...

Hang in there, you. If you need help moving or with any ol' thing please include me on your list of people to call. You never know, we may have just what you need! Life is equally crazy on this end, but that doesn't mean I'm not available to help if needed. Seriously. Call.

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