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Friday, August 21, 2009

Just a Teaser. Don't Hate Me.

Tomorrow I'm having several dear friends over for a Girls Only Dinner, something I haven't ever done before. I can't think why. I plan on doing it quite regularly, because I have friends who can't come tomorrow, and I think it's unlikely I'd be able to get all of them together at once! I suppose that can be my ultimate goal.

At any rate, I will be busy busy busy tomorrow with tutoring and a brunch date with another girlfriend and shopping and cooking and all that jazz. So I'm unlikely to get out a post unless there's a miraculous lull in it all.

For the benefit of all of you who can't attend (and to whet the appetites of those who can), here's the menu I have planned:
  • My famous Maple Salmon (hey, I'm famous for making it, not for creating the recipe!)
  • Cranberry-Pear Tossed Salad
  • asparagus
  • Dark Molten Chocolate Cakes with fresh-picked raspberries (I took the boys to pick them today at Erwin's Orchards and managed to pick a basket full despite the boys. They probably ate their own body weight in berries. Good thing I didn't have to weigh them before and after like I did the basket.)
Eat your hearts out, peoples. And try out the recipes yourselves. You just might discover a new favorite.

6 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

You are SO making me dinner when if I ever come out that way!

The Kampers said...

oh yummy! Enjoy! I might have to try the cakes!

Kathleen said...

YUM!! I think I'll try the chocolate molten cakes--we always so enjoy the ones at Chili's; it would be nice to have them here where they don't cost 7 bucks a pop. May use semi-sweet chocolate, though, just to sweeten it up a bit.

I used to regularly do a Single Married Moms Club dinner (for those of us with traveling husbands). The key was to have everyone bring a portion of the meal with them! Haven't done it in awhile because--well, here's a little secret--when the husband is away, the children also come with the Single Married Mommies, and that, my friend, is A LOT of kids climbing the walls of the house I'm trying to sell! Maybe your friends will be able to leave their offspring elsewhere?!

GingerB said...

Girls nights are very, very good for the soul, if a trifle bad for the waistline. Maybe we should swap recipes - your maple salmon for my maple mustard pork tenderloin. Enjoy dear - you deserve it.

mom said...

Ohhhhh -- my mouth is watering -- you have to repeat this same menu for me sometime. We have lots of visitors today, just walk-ins, and so Dad is making Sauce Glenn. And when he announced it Marietou clapped and began explaining how great it is. But it's not maple salmon with asparagus, and it's definitely not that wicked chocolate cake with raspberries. Hey -- enjoy, spoil your friends, and have a great time!

Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful! You know how great your Maple Salmon is. You also know how deadly it is ;) So sad we can never have it again with our special dietary concerns.
Perhaps Maple Tofu will be 1/2 as good???? I can always dream.
- SoccerSister

P.S. My word verification word is "opsesses". Over what do we opsess? Perhaps one opsesses about their eyesite going bad, or having to visit the optometrist? Or they opsess about too many options or opportunities?

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