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Monday, August 10, 2009

I Only Took a Little Break to Come Online, Okay? I Swear I'll Tackle the Piles of Clothes in a Minute!

I know it's been like, two days since I posted and all, but oh lordy. I just don't have the time or energy in all this humid heat (I'm such a wuss these years) to write anything deep and/or witty. At least in reality: you should SEE what I've composed in my head during all the car trips! And this means that I'll be composing even more on Wednesday when I travel up to the Upper Peninsula with the boys in tow--including my bro, who will help keep the kidlets (and therefore me) sane. Perhaps I'll pull out my computer and type some things up while my brother drives. We'll see. Maybe if the kidlets fall asleep.

In the meantime, I'm scrambling to clean house, especially since renters will be moving in this month and I never fully moved all my stuff out of that room, and maybe (or maybe not--stupid credit) I'll be moving back up to that suburb sometime soonish if we can rent a one-bedroom apartment (more on that later), and I have meetings and appointments crammed in tonight and tomorrow. Oh, and I should probably pack at some point.

So remind me to tell you about the following when I have a chance:
My visit back to my childhood church this last Sunday morning (oh the angst! and then not)
My children and their delightful conversations with each other (90% DramaBoy, 10% Widget)
My overwhelming hatred of paying bills and cleaning house which makes me yearn to win the lottery so that I have no more debt and can hire a full-time maid (oh, well that's about it on that one, especially since I haven't bought any tickets lately, so no post needed)

And depending on how it goes, maybe I'll fill you in on the trip up to the UP, too. We'll see.

So, I'll write you when I can...Loves and cuddles 'til then!

3 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

Have a great trip!

GingerB said...

Oh, isn't it strange how clever your thoughts are in the car, and then you walk in the door only to be struck dumb by the rest of your life. Yes, if you people were in the car with me, I would really impress. Really!

Anonymous said...

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Fact: Abu Dhabi is a very safe place for women and children to live.

Fact: Housekeepers are SO affordable - everyone has one!

Truth: You should move to Abu Dhabi, you can get a job teaching English at their new Petroleum Institute, and you can hire a housekeeper on pocket change.

- SoccerSister

P.S. It may seem strange that I know so much about a very little portion of Abu Dhabi life. However, I have been trying to encourage MuttonChopsHubby to consider Abu Dhabi as Plan C for a job for next year, since he is very worried Plan A isn't gonna happen, and I can't even remember what Plan B is, so I guess we're worried that one won't happen either??

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