Diapers and Dragons

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

and in this time

and in this time
of loss and sorrow
as i walk through this valley

teach me to turn to You
to rest in Your arms
to trust in Your love

the love that never fails
never dies when i cause You pain
never fades with time

teach me to stand in Your light
rather than seeking the darkness
rather than hiding in the shadows

remind me that You took my shame
upon Your own shoulders
and suffered my pain as Your own

that i may walk free and clear
with new life and new hope
in the light of Your loving gaze

and in this time
teach me to hope anew
that i may be more one day

than i ever dreamed to be

3 bits of love:

Arby said...


beth said...

awesome! gave me chills!

mom said...

Hon, rest . . . I've often needed to do that too. Remember this?
On Your Lap
June 13, 2001

I have stilled my soul,
shushed the sobs,
quashed the questions.
The wrangling in my mind
is slowly unsnarling
as I take each rumination,
give it room to writhe,
then show it to the door.

It’s quiet now. I sit here
on your lap, no longer asking
“why?” to everything you say,
leaving the conundrums
to you, Wise One. And I
will keep my ear against
your heart, love rhythms
beating in the silence.

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