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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Just For You: Saturday Snapshots, Lakefront Edition

Just for fun, and because I like alliteration, I'm doing something I'm calling "Saturday Snapshots." I know. My creativity, it astonishes even me.

Really, it's just an excuse to post a bunch of photos because I like them, and even if people don't really read blogs on weekends much, it makes my heart happy to look at them, and I have a feeling there are at least a few of my readers who will also get warm fuzzies. You're welcome.
First, courtesy of my mother and straight from one of the actual and for real frangipani trees mentioned here, a close up of the lovely blossoms (against a palm tree background). I found out, by the way, that these are also called "plumeria," which all of the sudden makes me understand why my sister and I love that fragrance!

They're thick and creamy in texture, almost like they're fake, but so lovely and alive

Next, a series of photos from today's excursion down to the beachfront, with my brother performing the service of Official Boat Paddler:

Heading down to the paddle boat for an exciting excursion

Getting sicht-ee-ated

Apparently, pedaling requires a great deal of concentration, therefore also some special use of the tongue (look closely at the uncle)

Success! And two happy boys, once the "discussion" over who got to steer was sorted out

Small DramaBoy, meditating

Small Widget, considering

My Chosen Spot

Small Thief

(Okay, yes, I broke my "no pop" vow here, but it's only because the water up here tastes so horrible and plastic. Sorry, Grandma, but it's true.)

DramaBoy with scaly friend and a rock

The Widget with "bucket" and sand

The joy of splashing!

And finally, this evening we discovered a small puppy had magically materialized beneath the dining room table:

The Golden Re-Screamer

(name--and therefore, caption--thanks to uncle/blessed brother)

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6 bits of love:

mom said...

What a way to start our Saturday: looking at snapshots of our Cute Grandsons and their Blessed Uncle, with commentary by their TeacherMommy, all of the beloved! (Okay, I know some of you on that side of the ocean are still asleep, but we've been up for hours.) Thank you!! The Grandpa and I sat here smiling. And I love the Dreamer and the Golden Re-Screamer. :) Hugs all around, please, and to the Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma who are making it all possible too!

Arby said...

So...what's the title of the paperback on the chair?

Todd said...

Great pictures. I have never seen Plumeria. That's gorgeous!

I'm glad you're having fun.

Draft Queen said...

I *love* those flowers. I want some.

Your boys are so, so cute!

Kathleen said...

Love your Snapshots Saturday! Pictures are so much fun, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I had no idea frangipani were plumeria! But it makes me happy.

Thanks for the pictures! They make me happy, too.

- SoccerSister

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