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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Hard to Wind Down When I've Been Going Nonstop All Day, Okay? Geez!

I just checked my blog stats and nearly fell off the bed when I saw there were only two hits today. I even double checked. Only TWO? What happened!

And then I realized it's 12:44 AY-EM and I really should just go to bed.

Me and my insecurities. I tell you. I mean, I was practically hyperventilating because it's been ages since I've been down in the teens, much less single digits, and here it's just because today started less than an hour ago.

And don't even get me STARTED on the number of blogs I "need" to catch up on reading, cuz I've been crazy busy today. Which is just silly, because those bloggers will survive if I'm a few days delayed in reading their posts, whether brilliant or mundane. Even though I know they sit for hours at their keyboards, tapping the keys anxiously in their desperate wait for a TeacherMommy comment to pop up. (HA!)

OH! And I still haven't replied to bushmanbill's Direct Message via Twitter! Ack! If you're reading this, hon, I'm doing mostly okay and so are the kids. More details later.

Maybe it will be good for me to get away for a few days, somewhere I can't hover by my computer. I think I may be on the verge of running silicone through my veins rather than blood.

Wish me luck (or pray) on our trip tomorrow. It's normally a six-hour drive, but with two kidlets we'll be tacking on a few hours. Sigh.

Since I need to be up in five hours, I need to get OFF THE COMPUTER. Even if it is the first chance I've had to really be on here all day. Peace and sweet dreams!

8 bits of love:

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Have a great time, don't touch a keyboard and enjoy reading some books!

We'll miss you, but we'll still be reading you when you get back. xx

Arby said...

Mundane? MUNDANE?! Whose blog is mundane? Maybe that guy who writes in Denamrk, but nobody around here!

Draft Queen said...

Funny. I'm fairly certain that my stats would be under say, 5, daily and I'm perfectly okay sitting here thinking that. (Actually it would be like "wow, 5 people actually read this thing?")

But I've never looked at the stats for my blog. Ever. Because it might make me paranoid.

Have a great trip!

Kathleen said...

Ditto on Arby. (And may I just correct Arby's spelling on "Denmark" (because I know he'd want me to do that)).

Ditto on Draft Queen. Lack of knowledge would be excuse.

Have a great trip!

Kathleen said...

And wouldn't you know after I go correcting Mr. Arby, I leave out a word. That would be "Lack of knowledge would be MY excuse."

Hmmm...and my word verification word is Hocker - my 6th grade teacher. I like her now. Didn't like her then. I think she gave me a bad grade on a test. Maybe I deserved it, who knows.

Mwa said...

Hey have a good trip! Hope the kids behave.

You must tell me what you use for stats, because mine only updates once a day and it's driving me crazy.

Todd said...

Thank you for hosting all the insecurities! It gave mine someplace else to hang out for a while. ;-)

You might have some silicon (microchip stuff) on the brain, but I hope you don't have silicone in your veins! That's the stuff used to caulk bathtubs. (Although I think you would make a pretty hot Terminatrix...)

Have a safe drive, a good time, and come back with lots of silica (sand) in your swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the stats, there are so many factors that could influence them that have nothing to do with your blog. (Like this time of year is full of desperate last attempts to get vacation in before the school year, or new fiscal year, or fall craziness/crappy weather starts). Like me, for example. I haven't been near a blog (okay, yours is the only blog I read on a regular basis) in a week. Only because I need to take advantage of the FINALLY good weather for summer fun.
Have fun at the cabin! Wish I could come and water ski or something.
- SoccerSister

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