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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Maybe I Should Mention He's Not Normally This Bloodthirsty

(The following conversation took place this afternoon after DramaBoy had some fun playing some sort of spaceship/flying/shooting computer game his daddy has, one that uses a fancy new joystick that takes up more desk space than a keyboard. DramaBoy is already quite good at the game. His daddy says he's destined to be a pilot.

It should be noted that this is only the first part of the conversation, the part I can still remember. It went on for about five minutes, with many gesticulations and facial expressions on DramaBoy's part and only the occasional interjection on mine. Have I mentioned he's quite verbal?)


Mama! he said with a huge grin, I killed all the bad guys!

Good job! I said, and shook his hand.

I killed them all dead because I crashed into a big rock and then the volcano blew up and it got all the bad guys. It was a big volcano in space and it blew up and it hurted the bad guys on the forehead and the ear and the ear and the nose and the neck and the arm and the arm and the knee and the knee and all over the body. Betuz when a volcano blows up it puts out lots of fire and fire hurts the whole body. But it didn't blow up me and my rocket ship betuz Daddy pulled it up.

I see, I said.

And sometimes there are big rocks in space, but there aren't any rocks on Jupiter!

No? I replied. What's on Jupiter?

Oh, Jupiter is full of woooonderful things! he said, his eyes wide.

And so are you, DramaBoy. So are you.

5 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

See, you have good conversations too!

Todd said...

I liked this post. I'm glad you are back with your kidlets. They do good things for you. Then you write about them. And that makes me smile.

Thank you.

mom said...

DramaBoy, your turn to make Mama laugh, and you did it (at least she smiled in her heart, which is just as good). And go, guy: clean up the universe!!

Beth said...

Glad to know he's on the case. I feel safer already.

Cute post!

Anonymous said...

hilarious! I wish I got to talk with him on a daily basis :)
- SoccerSister

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