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Monday, August 3, 2009

sometimes it's worse

sometimes it's worse
to hope in the first place
it hurts more
when reality proves

the Book says
faith, hope, love
are the centers of life
but the greatest of these
is love
and without it
the others are in vain

and there's the rub
the missing piece
that tears my hope to shreds

when pain has killed the love
or at least
buried it so deep
that mountains would have to be moved
before one could even start digging

then hope
has no room to grow

4 bits of love:

LoriM said...

RE - the first verse. EXACTLY how I used to feel when I was in my 30's - and then turning 40 and still single. Sigh. It is very painful to keep a soft heart. I had good days ... and bad days...

Hugs to you. And prayers.

Todd J. List said...

The thing the Book doesn't make clear is where the Love is and where it goes.

When we allow it, True love begins within us, but it ends there, too. It loops out of us, washes over everyone and everything we encounter, and comes back to us.

As human beings, the pain comes when we stop allowing the love to flow. The real challenge of being flesh and blood is learning to love all the time.

(Disclaimer: In an alternate reality I'm posting this earlier than 1AM and it makes sense. :-P )

mom said...

Hoping against hope . . . so very hard. And what is so complicated in this case is that there are so many kinds of love. The one you have in mind here may be, indeed, buried (maybe irretrievably) in the other. But you are loved, deeply, unconditionally, for always. By us. By your Father. By many others. And you also extend that love. As Todd said so well, it loops out and comes back to us. Hang on to that, dearly loved one!

GingerB said...

Gulp. Sigh. Lovely, but siiiigghhh.

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