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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I have another post gestating, but I'm not ready to birth it quite yet. This is partly because I have small children running amok (well, at least semi-amok) and need some P & Q to focus on the words. So you'll have to settle for what I can give in these few moments between feeding/tickling/snuggling/chasing/cleaning/entertaining Two Small Boys.

Today is the first day I've had the kidlets this entire summer that I have not had a Plan. At least, a plan that involved getting us out of the house for a specific activity involving other people and their children. The park, the pool, someone's house, the Hands-On Museum in Ann Arbor...whatever it was, I have made sure I had at least a few hours each day planned out so that we were not just sitting around the house and getting cranky and bored. I've been terrified of descending into the pit of depression like I did the last three summers.

Today none of the mommies I usually get together with were available, and I decided NOT to call around frantically to find someone--anyone--to take their place. We've been driving about every day, racking up the mileage and the gas costs, and The Widget in particular was showing signs yesterday of Having Had Enough. I looked at my agenda, saw the blank space, and thought, Maybe I can do it for a day. Maybe I can chillax at home, keep the kids somewhat entertained, take it slow and easy, spend time with them, maybe go to a park on our ownsome in the afternoon if they really want to. Maybe I can be a Stay At Home Mom for a day--one who actually Stays At Home.

And so far? We're surviving. In fact, we're better than surviving. We're doing well. So far. DramaBoy has wanted to sit and watch his TV most of the day, and I've let him. I get that. I understand. The Widget has barrelled about gathering blankets, squeezing stuffed animals, trying on my YogaToes, sitting on my lap, and mopping floors with a stolen wipe.
I'm training The Widget in the Way He Should Go, since he's the one helping dirty the house quite often.

I kid--like I clean anything myself and therefore could train someone else! This was all his idea. No clue where he figured that one out. Look at him go! He's fast, if not thorough.

I am mourning my abysmal memory, as I keep meaning to grab one of the several tubs of sidewalk chalk from their father's place and bring them down here, and I never remember to do so when I'm in that house. That would keep them happy and occupied for a while this afternoon. We'll figure something out.

The main miracle? I'm not panicked. I'm not desperate. I'm not depressed. I don't plan to do this every day--I'm already booked tomorrow and all next week--but now I know I can do this.

Oh, and yes, I really am doing it myself. My brother fed them a snack this morning so I could shower, but otherwise it's been all me. I am Mama: hear me breathe!


Last night I went out to meet some fellow Detroit area mommybloggers and one future daddyblogger (though it sounds like his will be more along the Philosophy of Life vein rather than parenting--not that they're exclusive by a long shot) up in Ferndale. There were just five of us, but it was so good! I was there with Melissa of Rock & Drool, Rachael of WarmHeartsHappyFamily, MomZombie of MomZombie, and TJList (@TJList on Twitter for now) who is now bound by the sacred Detroit Bloggers Meet Up Oath to put up a blog pretty dang soon. You hear that, TJ? You promised!

So what do bloggers do when they meet up, you ask? Having only had the one experience, it's all I can go by. Yes, we had a drink or two. And I do mean just that--I had one glass of wine and I don't think anyone had more than two drinks. We were there to socialize, not get blasted and get any stupider than we already are. We ate ridiculously huge and tasty salads at the Woodward Avenue Brewery. We talked. We talked a LOT. TJ was lucky to get a word in edgewise with four women there. We all have blogs, we all have children, we all Twitter, we all are from the greater Detroit area. We were strangers when we met (well, at least strangers face to face), but by the end of the night I walked away with four Real Life friends.

From left to right: TJList, me, MomZombie, Rachael, Melissa

This doesn't really reflect how cool it was, once we got past the initial kinda sorta awkwardness, but for some reason I'm finding it a bit tough to write today. Speaking of which, I should check on the kids. They're WAY too quiet.


Good thing I checked. The Widget managed to close himself in the downstairs bathroom (didn't lock it, thank goodness--so glad I've trained them to leave the locks alone) and I couldn't hear his despairing sobs. I'm now typing with him snuggling on my lap, gently patting my back. He likes to comfort me when he's been through trauma. DramaBoy is contentedly watching Phineas and Ferb.

It'll be nap time soon. Maybe for me as well. Then I'll see if they want to go to the park or just hang out on the porch or what. A little sunshine and fresh air would be good.

It's a lazy post to go with a lazy day. And I'm okay with that.

TeacherMommy out.


Are you a new reader here? Or been here before but haven't delurked lately? Please go here and leave a comment for me! I promise to love you forever! (I know. I'm shameless.)

9 bits of love:

Todd J. List said...

You are handling the day very nicely. You are right to be proud of yourself.

I enjoyed meeting you and the other mommy bloggers, too. My blog is coming, but right now I'm waiting to hear whether the guy who is sitting on my preferred domain name will let me have it.


Aludra said...

Go TeacherMommy! It's always great when virtual friends become RL friends. Speaking of... I should blog about Jerold's adventure yesterday..

melissa said...

yay for new friends! it was a great night and i look so forward to seeing all of you again!!

Rachael said...

Glad your day is going well! You go mama :)

Arby said...

It sounds like it was a great time. Certainly better than the night I had. Stop by. Read about it. You too will be saying, "Better you than me." Everyone else is!

MomZombie said...

You survived your day alone! I so enjoyed the meet-up; my post will be up and ready later. I look forward to future events and further conversations over drinks and salads. Maybe we could do a playdate this summer at the River Walk or the Children's Museum (before it closes) or somewhere else cool in Detroit

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Sounds like you had a pretty nice day.

If you need any ideas for next time, come to me - I spend a lot of time on my own with my two - there not being a whole lot to do with kids around here. Not being a creative type I find the day can get quite long...

- get the sidewalk chalk! Hours of fun and washes off in the rain too so no tidying
- making camps. Or pirate boats complete with treasure chest hidden somewhere (not being creative I stick some crisps in a tupperware thing)
- any form of game with water
- baking, with a big deep breath and promise to myself not to care about the mess...
- finding any form of construction site and watching those diggers dig.

Sadly for me, there are no other mummy bloggers in Bosnia, or I'd be meeting them right now. Ah well, I'll have to stick on the virtual friendships for the moment!

This summer is going to be great for you.

Mwa said...

I so need to move to the states. Mommy friends? All in full time employment over here. I could be living in Bosnia, too, for all the difference it would make.

Good for you for lasting a whole day, though! Hope you had a nap.

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