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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Because I'm Special And Unique, Yo

Lo, how the mighty are fallen. The mighty mouthy, that is. It was only, like, two weeks ago that I was saying to someone that I would never Twitter because it seems so weird and foolish posting comments about what one is doing every five minutes. Not to mention the whole thing about companies and celebrities and "celebrities" who Twitter or ghost-Twitter, and then there are those jokes about whether one is twittering or tweeting or tw*tting and whatnot.

And yet yo, there I go. I am a Twitterer or Tweeter or whatever now, a whole six (or is it seven? sheesh! the Twitter time flies!) updates old. I caved when MommyTime emailed me about getting together with some other greater-Detroit-area Mommybloggers and told me I needed to Twitter Melissa for updates.

Ack! I thought. Do I dare confess to her that I don't Twitter and look like a totally behind-the-times technonoob? Or do I keep mum and miss out on info about getting together with these awesome chickas? Or...

--and here's where I entered the TwitterZone--

...do I get a Twitter account of my very ownsome?

Guess which option I took.

I'm such an inspiring role model of resisting peer pressure, ain't I? First it was Blogger, then Facebook, now Twitter.

True confession?

I even set up my phone to text tweets.

I know.

Anywho, in for a penny, in for a pound, so if you'd like to follow me on Twitter and find out exactly what I'm up to anytime I remember to tweet (I'm sure it will be riveting stuff--check out my sidebar for the latest examples), please do so! You can just click that button on the sidebar, or you can find me @DiapersnDragons on Twitter.

Oh, and in case you're not the type that notices little changes (or big ones), hopefully the new arrangement and additions (and deletions) to my sidebar are pleasing to you, my beloved readers. I also have finally put up a stunning photo of my Own Real Self (no, my hair isn't always that pink--I wish) instead of the amusing but anonymous dragon. And you can also Stumble or Kirtsy me by clicking those little buttons at the end of posts. You know, in case you decide you love something I write. Just sayin'.

You may now go back to your regularly scheduled life.

You're welcome.

7 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Have fun twittering. Or tweeting. Or whatever. I will not cave. So there.

melissa said...

yay! twitter is fun. and addicting!
it's a sickness.
so, you're a high school english teacher, eh?
so is my husband!!
where are you???

The Kampers said...

I know nothing of twitter...and I don't think the boonies would support it. But I do like your new side bar, and I felt warm fuzzies that you included me in the "Blogs worth reading":)

GingerB said...

Love the upgrade and the real pix! Did I ever tell you I used to have pink hair, back in the day? Sigh. I miss those days. I too have been relucatant to join the Twitterati but I bet I give in eventually.

Beth said...

I LOVE the fancy new blog-look.

And it's great to see your face- you are a LOT prettier than the dragon and the pink hair rocks!

As for Twitter? Good for you! I'm sure there were many Stone Age cave-moms who said "Hey-I'm gonna try one of those new-fangled metal tools everyone is talking about" and felt similarly conflicted. But it turned out great, right?

Arby said...

I must agree with a local DJ who says, "Real men don't tweet!" But, you enjoy.

Beck said...

Twittering is fun! Come on in, the water is FINE.

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