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Monday, July 6, 2009

Stop Lurking In The Corner! Cuz I Loves You All.

Because I am ever so creative and original, and I too would like to see how many readers I have and learn more about you (cuz some of you don't leave comments, or you comment without linking an email or website, dang it), and I have limited time to post before I head off to see a friend I haven't seen in person for, oh, almost a year:

I'm totally copying Schmutzie, who in turn copied Notquiteawake before that, and asking you to for real and in person leave a real live COMMENT on this post! I know, that's asking a lot from some of you. Pretty please?

Here's what you do:

1) If you are actually and for real on this website, AWESOME, and if you are reading this is in a feedreader or via email, click on this entry's title and come on over. I'm a patient girl. Sometimes. For you, anything.

2) Answer the following three questions in the comments section:
A. What is your website url (if you have one)?
2. Where are you from in real life?
III. What strange belief/idea did you have as a child?

I'll be really nice and do the first one, because I'm a teacher and know all about modeling for my students, and besides I've already done it over at Schmutzie's and so it's easy. You're welcome.

Thank you so much in advance! You'll make me such a happy TeacherMommy!

27 bits of love:

TeacherMommy said...

A. My website url is http://diapersanddragons.blogspot.com/

2. I'm from Detroit, Michigan, US of A (Yeah, the real Detroit, these days. Moved from the 'burbs when I separated. And no, I don't get mugged on a daily basis. Or even weekly. Crap, now that I've said that, it'll probably happen.)

III. When I was a kid I had this horrible conviction that every time I got up in the middle of the night and went to get a drink or pee that giant (and I mean GIANT, like five feet tall) rats that ran on their hind legs would follow me back to my bed and if I didn't run those last few yards and dash up the ladder to my top bunk they would get me. Didn't matter if I couldn't see them and knew that such things didn't really exist, I always did the run and dash.

Then I saw Princess Bride and realized that I had secretly known about ROUSes for years before the film was even made.

melissa said...


i'm from bloomfield hills, mi. i now live in farmington hills.

my word verification is decit. how weird is that???

when i was a kid, i thought, without a doubt, that i'd live in toronto on the waterfront in a condo development called queens quay. yeah. right.
and i'm totally copying this idea tomorrow. k.

Arby said...

My website URL is http://boardinginbedlam.blogspot.com

I live in Apathy, Kansas, just south of historic Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. I was born and raised in Chicago. There is one simple answer to the often asked question, "How did you wind up in Kansas?" The answer? Why, a cute girl, of course! A freckle-faced red head. And, I married her!

When I was a young boy I carried around a black umbrella and wore Totes slip-on rubbers on my shoes because I was convinced that flying monkeys carrying Volkswagon sized water balloons would fly over head and drop them on unsuspecting children walking to and from school.

I got my a%# kicked A LOT.

Hit 40 said...

I just found you today :-) I popped over from your comment on another blog.

I'll click follow for fun.

Kathleen said...

1. www.treasuredchapters.blogspot.com

Thanks for the shameless plug!

2. Georgia via Cali via Africa

3. As a child, I believed that the grossest thing I would have to do as a grown-up is clean a toilet. I vowed to NEVER clean a toilet. Then I had children, and I have since been puked on, pooped on, stickied, slimed, gunked. Sometimes you gotta wonder: Which is cleaner--the toilet or the kids. Probably the toilet (and just by default, not because I've been cleaning).

liz said...

Hi! Thanks for the quiz... I'm a new visitor but look forward to following you!
A. www.babyblooze.com - a site to send all your bad pics of the kids when they are throwing fits or giving you 'tude
2. San Diego
III. that my stuffed bear companion had different expressions. Mostly pensive.

sAm said...

A. My website url is http://myobyal.blogspot.com
2. IRL - I'm from Southeast Michigan. North of Detroit. 'Bout an hour. On a knuckle (don't you love always having a map with you??)
III. I believed in happily ever after.
This is a great idea!! I.am.so.stealing.this!
(but you're a teacher - you know all about "borrowing" great ideas, right?)

Monica said...

First, my blog address is www.andillraiseyou5.blogspot.com.

Bee, I am a San Francisco native, raised later on in small town Sonoma, and now I live in Richmond, 14 miles east of San Francisco.

Last: OK, I couldn't decide between two, so I'll give you both. First, my dad told me the great big bumble bees don't sting, which I was happy enough to believe and spent the better part of my childhood and young adulthood (23 years of age, to be exact) completely unafraid of those big fat black bees.

And the other: at Mass, when the priest would say "When the meal was ended, He took the cup, gave it to his disciples..." etc. etc., I always thought to myself: "Wow, they had to wait until the very end of the meal to take a drink? Those disciples must have been mighty thirsty!"

Beth said...

A. My blog lives at http://bethinburkina.blogspot.com/

B. I grew up in Lincoln, Nebraska, but I haven't been "from" there since about 1987.
Home is now a small village in France.

C. As a child, I thought that Captain and Tennille were the BEST musical ensemble, ever. How's that for a bizarre belief completely unrelated to reality?

NB: This IS indeed a FAB idea and I am SO copying it! Thanks!!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

a) my website is Brits In Bosnia (www.britsinbosnia.blogspot.com)

b) I'm from the UK but am now in Bosnia

c) If I dressed my brother in the same clothes as me then we would become twins. And maybe he'd morph into a girl.

Love this idea. I may have to borrow it off you!

GingerB said...

a) my website is http://gas-food-lodging.blogspot.com/

b) Salt Lake City, Utah

c) I feared losing a limb to gangrene after reading Gone with the Wind and Daniel Boone books.

Mwa said...

Just stumbled across you today, but thought I would leave word anyways.

A. I'm at mwaonline.blogspot.com .
2. I'm from Belgium.
III. I used to believe that fireworks were shot up into the sky and only exploded when someone hit them with a bullet from the ground. (Like clay pigeons.) The ones that don't go off are the ones that don't get hit.

oreneta said...


I'm from Canada, and a strange thing I believed as a child. Honest truth I cannot think of anything right now, I am sure I believed as many strange things as the next person, but not a one can I think of. That is strange too.

The Kampers said...

my website is nlkamper.blogspot.com

I currently live in Fairview, MI, aka nowhere.

When I was a kid my parents told me that the gummy bears had come to live with us. I believed it,especially when they showed me the little gummy treats sitting on their little bottoms in the cupboard.

Aludra said...


From Texas - Lived in BFE for a while but now I'm living in the burbs. About equal distances from BFE and Downtown Dallas. Also, I have no intention of becoming a true urbanite. I have a weird fear of population density. Like right this second I'm sitting above the heads of approximately 40 other people. That's too many people too close to me for me to actually fall asleep.

When I was young I was convinced that animals could read human minds. Umm. I still think they might be able to.

Anonymous said...

A. I haven't posted anything for years, so it's not worth mentioning.

2. I'm from West Africa, living in Boston.

III. I believed that evil gnomes lived under my bed. I thought that if I got up during the night and stepped on the concrete floor (which is what our house had), that they would grab my ankles and pull be under the bed. So I had to jump from my bed to a rug, and then from the rug out the door of the bedroom without touching concrete in order to avoid abduction. That made for adventurous midnight bathroom trips. (and you guys all wondered how I broke my nose and why I had bruises all the time :) Maybe that's also why I wanted to sleep on the top bunk so badly, despite the many accidents that caused as well!!!


Schmoochiepoo said...

1.My website URL is http://schmoochiepoo.blogspot.com/

2.I am from Beautiful British Columbia up in Canada-land.

3. I used to believe that if you peed on an electric fence you would get electrocuted. I spent many a year trying to convince my brother to pee on one.

Neat idea!

The Tormented Dragon said...

A. None worth mentioning. Never been good at the blogging thing. Or it's predecessor, the journal.

2. Define "from." From CURRENTLY? From ORIGINALLY? Geographically? Spiritually? Chronologically?

Currently: The D. Motown. East siiiiiide... Originally? That place is currently an ocean away. Spiritually? That's too long a trip for this comment. Chronologically? I have no idea how to answer that one.

III. Ah, geez, you had to ask. It always takes me a good 15 minutes to remember something like this. And then I had to remember the question. And then I had to pick one.

There were the debates with myself over whether or not my stuffed animals were possibly aware... a la Toy Story. And there was the idea that there was SOMETHING lurking in the dark. Zork decided they should be called grues, but I didn't know that until recently. Or that the ship computer interface from a 70's or 80's movie in which a kid who's somewhere around 6 years old gets kidnapped by a self-aware space ship... was hiding in the laundry hamper. But I never really BELIEVED any of these.

So I suppose I'd have to pick the one about dragons and them being real.

But secretly, I still hope it's true.

Kimberly said...

A. Website url is http://3schools.blogspot.com

2. Bakersfield, Ca You know..Buck Owens had the Bakersfield Sound??

III. As a child, I could not imagine having more than one child. I remember trying to feed and hold all of my baby dolls at the same time and it being overwelming (at age 7 or 8). Now I have 3 and am adopting 2 more..

liz said...

OK, so CLEARLY you & soccersis had the scary stories fed to you to keep you in bed at night. Hmmm. I might have to employ those to keep my 3 yr old in his room in the mornings... good call!

Anonymous said...

Liz - I think my imagination was HIGHLY influenced by TeacherMommy, so our similar fears are unlikely a coincidence :) Although I don't think she has ever told me about her fear of ROUSes before. She did once convince me that the swing in our backyard (visible from our beds) was swinging back and forth in the middle of the night because a ghost was swinging on it. I had nightmares a lot as a child...

TormentedDragon - I think the movie you're referring to is called "Flight of the Navigator". A classic ICA Sunday afternoon movie - it didn't need any edits. I do remember that you were sometimes afraid of the dark - perhaps TeacherMommy and I were responsible for that? But I doubt it - we didn't have much influence on your logic. I do know we were NEVER able to convince you that Santa exists. Sigh.

- SoccerSister

Heidi said...


Ha. Where am I from? Asking that question is like asking me what my favorite book is. I currently live in Seattle.

Weird thing...weird thing. I'm not sure there are many weird things I believed that I'm currently willing to share.

Here's one. I sometimes felt very passionately that I was named the wrong thing and thought "Heidi" was a completely bizarre name that didn't suit me at all. I mulled over what name I'd choose instead if I could but nothing ever sounded right.

Lady Mama said...


A. http://lady-mama.blogspot.com/

2. I'm from London, England. I now live in Calgary, Canada.

III. I believed that if I left a list of my wishes for the fairies (and the milkman) that they would come true. Honest. Imagine my dismay when I discovered this did not in fact work. (Yes I was an odd little child)

Glad to have come across your blog!

Erin said...

1. http://the-looney-bin.blogspot.com

2. I was born in Ypsilanti, moved to Minneapolis when I was three and then was rudely relocated to Rochester NY when I was 14. You can imagine how stoked I was about that one. I'm now quite happy here. :)

3. I remember wanting, without totally understanding it, to marry my dad. He was such a great guy, so nice to me and I loved him so much. I did the next best thing and married a guy who is exactly like my dad.

Courtney said...

A. I have a few...

2. I'm from Rochester, MI. Moved here a year ago from S. Calif. and LOVE it!

III. If I walked around with my mouth open, a fly would fly in. My mom told me this and I truely believed it would happen...WTF?!

Becky said...

a) http://becali-brownmandm.blogspot.com/

b) La Crosse, WI area

c) when I was a child, I imagined a vehicle that would drive itself. Years later in my daughter's Weekly Reader I read about THAT car!

Just found you today - see that we have a bit in common.

LoriM said...

No URL yet but I'm on Facebook.

Northville, MI (Detroit Suburbs)and - like you - by way of West Africa - and other places.

I wasn't going to comment until I thought of one thing I believed when I was little - and it's sort of related to you! My middle name is Lynn. But for a while I thought it was spelled Linn, because I had a teen-aged friend by that name. Isn't that weird that I didn't know how to spell my own middle name but I knew how to spell her name? She's still a good friend. grin

I'm sure I believed other weird things but I can't think of them right now.

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