Diapers and Dragons

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i dreamed you last night

i dreamed you last night
fingers tracing shivers over slick skin
lips nibbling nuzzling til sighs pent up were loosed
and i moaned

we tangled limbs and wrapped selves
about each other
familiar secrets whispered with bodies
breathe locked in fevered throats

the flame rose and spread
licking fire along nerves and sinew
muscles retracting in ecstatic agony
i tensed poised lifted

turned to emptiness
cold sheets strangling dentless pillows

and shuddered with loss

4 bits of love:

melissa said...

i'm sorry :(

GingerB said...

This is a beautiful poem, TeacherMommy. But, it does kinda suck to be you right now. I wish you were not in this emotional place, and that you were not in a holding pattern. I can't even spout platitudes at you because you don't really want to move on and away. I wish I could offer you anything but instead I'll just keep listening.

sAm said...

The beginning of your writing - HOT. Then at the end...I remembered what you are going through and how long it's been for me. Damn. Very nice - I've saved this one - loved it!

MomZombie said...


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