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Monday, March 1, 2010

Parenting in the Age of Bakugan

A conversation while driving home:

DramaBoy: If you are very good, I will give you a surprise!

TeacherMommy: You'll give me a surprise?

DB: Yes!

TM: If I'm good?

DB: Yes!

TM: What do you mean by being good? What do I have to do?

DB: If you wash the dishes all the time, then  I will give you a surprise!

TM: Really? Wash the dishes?

DB: Yes! But if you wash them only two times--only one time, then maybe I will give it to you right now.

TM: So if I only wash the dishes once, I'll get the surprise right away?

DB: Yep! I will find my Bakugan! I haven't found them all yet.

TM: I see. Bakugan. Hmm. I'm not so sure I would really want Bakugan, honey.

DB: You're right. You don't really like Bakugan. You only like work.

TM: ....

DB: Look! I will give you something for work!

*he picks up a travel coffee mug off the floor of the car where it must have fallen from my bag*

DB: See?

TM: Thank you, honey! I wondered where that had gone.

DB: You're welcome! Now go wash the dishes!

7 bits of love:

Anonymous said...

MuttonChops Hubby and I are both laughing so hard! Now go wash the dishes! (what are you doing wasting time writing a blog when you could be washing dishes?)
- SoccerSister
P.S. the news is out, you can be flagrant about it, but not on facebook yet.

Lauren said...

What, is A pregnant???!!!

Oh, and I must google Bakugan.

Mike said...

Ha! At least you'll be caffeinated while watching the dishes.

Melissa E. said...

My 2nd graders talk about Bakugan all the time. Still trying to figure out what they're talking about. It must be something really good.

Collette said...

So he's learning to be a man already, huh? lol. (((HUGS)))

Stone Fox said...

before my son got actual bakugans, he would throw wooden blocks and yell, "ACTIBATE!!!"

now that he has real bakugans, i am constantly stepping on them. also, my son is always telling me he is going to buy me a present. usually it is a monster truck or (you guessed it) bakugans. "i'll just keep it in my room for you, ok mom?"

what a sweetheart.

Beth said...

I have no clue what a "bakugan" is and I suspect that it's better that I never know.
I think I'd better just go wash the dishes...

(btw: LOL!)

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