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Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's a Bit Early in My Life for Me to Need a Walker. Just Sayin'.

I have another amusing post jumping around waiting for its turn to get up here, and I swear I WILL write it, because we can all use some laughter and goodness knows I love to bring it into people's lives...

(Though not usually in the Sunshiney sort of way, but dang it, OK, Brenda, I'll accept the damn award:

Happy now???? Smooches!!!!)

...but I am taking the time instead to WHINE and WHINE a little more because


my back hurts. Still. Lots. And my hips (though the left one is complaining so much that I have to think about it to sense the more subtle sob of my right one). And even my thighs, because apparently whatever is going on in my backal and hippal regions give me a break--I'm allowed to make up words on my own damn blog when I want, okay? wants to share.

I've been going to a new and quite wonderful chiropractor who has been able to help with the macrame of muscle as well as alleviate some of the sciatic symptoms, but the pain has persisted. She confirmed my reluctant suspicion that an MRI would be in my best interest, and said to hie me to my MD--but to also go back to my massage therapist. And he in turn discovered what felt, to his experienced hands, suspiciously like a bulging disc in my lower back. Not to mention




because I'm seriously MESSED UP, people.

Today my MD began a gentle probing down my spine and her eyebrows shot up. Swelling. Definitely. Along, apparently, both my thoracic and lumbar regions (These words not made up. Look them up if you doubt me.). Not to mention what she described as "marble" where muscle should be.


I am now the lucky, lucky, lucky individual scheduled for a (DOUBLE SESSION LUCKY LUCKY ME) MRI on Tuesday morning, when I will be inserted into what I hear is a marvelously claustrophobia-inducing and very LOUD tube for an hour and ten minutes.

But I'm okay with that. Because anything that might help figure out what is causing this pain for nearly two months and which is increasingly interfering with my ability to parent, teach, and Have Fun live is all to the good as far as I'm concerned.

Also? My doctor prescribed a muscle relaxant and Vicodin. I'm about to pop one of the relaxants for what will hopefully be a more peaceful night, and although I won't be able to take the Vicodin until Monday night (I won't take it when I'm alone in the house with the boylets), I am rather looking forward to a blissful night's sleep in only four more days.

*happy dance OW dang it oh never mind*

I'll take what I can get, peoples.

Whining over. You have my permission to leave sympathetic and/or snarky comments for my reading pleasure. You're welcome.

6 bits of love:

Brenda said...

I luvs you in all your snarkiness glory. Mwahs.xoxoxo

Arby said...

My favorite question to women in pain is this: Which pain is worse, the pain you have now or the pain of child birth? I'll explain why after you answer the question. Vicodin and 4 Ibuprofen works great, btw. My dentist told me about it.

Lauren said...

An hour and ten minutes flat on your back? Sounds like an excuse for a snooze to me!

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Think it is good for you to be forced into some sunshiney-ness. Back pain no fun though, I have some of that too. Doesn't half make me a grumpy sod. You still got humour!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry! I hope you/the doctor are/is able to find out what's wrong and fix it!
- SoccerSister

GingerB said...

Dear TM, you can take pain pills with the kids around, in fact, you probably need them more. I had squashed discs in my neck from a car accident and ultimately had surgery to take out said discs and fuse my neck, and that surgery was AWESOME to help my pain. I still have to take care of it, which I have failed to do for exactly the length of time I've had kids, and now have used more percocet this year than at anytime since the first year so I have just gone back to PT myself. PT is awesome. So are pills. You deserve to not live in pain. The MRI will suck so take the drugs.

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