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Monday, March 1, 2010

I May Have Missed THEM, but I Didn't Miss THAT

Ahh, kidlets. It had been just a little over a week since I saw mine, since they went down to Florida with their father for a week of kinda-sorta-warm vacation. It was a good week for me and them, in our mutually exclusive Weeks O' Fun, but I was starting to miss them. I went out bowling and to dinner on Saturday and tiny peoples were EVERYWHERE and I found  myself looking at them all awwwww and fighting the urge to squeeze them. At the bowling alley there was a birthday party (OMG the little people were everywhere and so dang cute and all the little pink coats on the little girls and pretty shoes and for a split second I ALMOST wanted another kid--i.e. small daughter to dress up--one day and then my brain kicked in and told me I'm an idiot) and a tiny boy who had to be maybe a year-and-a-half old wandered over and tried to pick up my bowling ball. Mind you, I'm a wimp, so I had a very lightweight ball, but there was no way he was going to manage it. So I got his mind off the ball and then realized he seemed a little lostish. Of course my mama self kicked in and I was all Where's your mommy, honey? and he was looking around with growing panic before a woman walked with the correlating Where's my baby? look on her face and they had a joyful reunion.

All together now: Awwwwww.

Where was I? Oh yes, MY babies. Except that when I saw them last night they weren't babies. Because apparently one week away = OMG THEY GREW UP. I swear they each sprouted an inch or two, and The Widget has made a sudden linguistic leap and is speaking in pretty dang complete sentences. As in Mama, we took pictures at Mickey Mouse's castle!!! I mean, when he left two Fridays ago, that would have been more like Mama! [DramaBoy] and me! Pictures Mickey Mouse! Castle! which I totally would have interpreted, but now he's adding in all these subjects and verbs and prepositions. He still has that totally adorable squeaky little voice of his that makes me all melty inside, but he's starting to sound like a little boy instead of a toddler. He is also stretching out and developing that little boy body. He's still all soft and cuddly, but there's hardly any chub left, and I miss my chubbers.

Le sigh.

I texted this to a friend and received back the very comforting reply, Don't blink or they'll be in college and I was all GAH! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!

And then DramaBoy came in during the night and peed on the carpet next to my bed because he was still mostly asleep and obviously very confused and I started looking forward to the days when I would no longer be on potty duty.

Because, peoples, when they're all big boys and stuff, I am so not cleaning their bathrooms. In fact, I may have to figure out how to have a separate bathroom entirely. I still have nightmares remember what my male college friends' bathrooms looked like. *shudder*

You think they're too young to start learning how to scrub toilets?

7 bits of love:

Kathleen said...

Awww...well, except for the peeing on the floor and the dirty college toilets part.

Heidi said...

It's pretty incredible when they suddenly have these linguistic leaps and you see the baby fading away.

I totally need a daughter to dress up.

Arby said...

Welcome to a lsice of my world. And they pee everywhere except the toilet in their sleep for a looooong time.

MomZombie said...

When they're driving you crazy you want them to take a vacation -- without you. The moment they are gone you miss them like crazy. Glad your boys are back.

Draft Queen said...

If N and I end up with a girl you get her. We can't be having any more girls.

And my son's favorite chore (which he does unprompted) is cleaning the toilet.

I have made his future roommates and wife very happy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can sick MuttonChops Hubby on them. He is such a clean freak, that his bathroom was always sparkling clean, even when he shared it with 3 other guys. He has asked me to be a good example for our future children so that they will all be neat and clean (he is obviously concerned that I won't be...). Anyhow, there is hope for boys...
- SoccerSister
(punnily enough, my word verification word is "pledge")

Stone Fox said...

they are *not* too young to train. i am training my kids to rinse their toothpaste spit from the sink (because.. EWWW). if it's too much work to train them to pee INTO the toilet, just re-do your bathroom in linoleum and tile from ceiling to floor and then you can just spray it down with boiling water and bleach instead of cleaning it. i'm seriously considering option number 2, as my husband appears too difficult to train.

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