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Saturday, March 27, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different. Like Shoes.

Oy. My stomach hurt all afternoon yesterday because of that post. Yeah, yeah, it was brave and resulted in good dialogue and yada yada yada, but as I said, OY. I'm way too thin-skinned for that kind of stuff.

Maybe it's very silly and insecure of me, but I seriously get freaked out that I'll lose friends over things like that. Fortunately, those kinds of  expectations about people are usually proven wrong. (I big puffy heart you people. Seriously.)

So. Let's "dialogue" about something completely different. Like shoes. Because with my back and hip pain (which is slowly being worked through--more on that another time--but still very present), I have been unable to wear my usual fabulous heels. Not only would doing so be Not Smart, but it hurts too much. The thing is that I really don't like wearing ordinary sneakers, and I think the vast majority of flats are just plain Ugly. With the weather warming up, I don't have the option of wearing my lovely Boots with the Furrrrr every day, either.

This meant I had to go shoe shopping.

I know. The sacrifices one must make.

DSW ended up being the place to go, with not only quite a few cute options, but Sales and Clearance, Oh My! And while if this whole stupid no-heels thing becomes more long term I will most definitely need to expand my shoedrobe, I have a small collection that Will Do For Now. I thought, for fun, I'd show you what I found. Here are four out of the five pairs I bought (not pictured: cute brown sneakers that didn't come along for the weekend) (also, I apologize for the poor lighting--they're way cuter than they look in these crappy photos):

First up: black flats with little tan--yes, that's tan--stitching and faux buckles

Next: cocoa brown flats with faux buttons. SO COMFY.

On the more casual front: black and taupe slip-on sneakers. They don't go up as far as they look--I wore these with black anklet socks. My feet look adorably small and cute in these. Heh.

And finally (not counting the brown sneakers not shown here, which are more sneakery and less slip-on): these awesome blue-grey sneakers with white stripes and chartreuse accents. Adorable. LOVE. Rapidly becoming my favorites.

So--what do you think? And if you know of some super-cute (and especially more dressy) styles that are available at DSW, Famous Footwear, and/or Payless (because that's where I shop, peoples), let me know.

My former chiropractor would be so proud. He was so against heels he once paid for a pair of flat boots as my Christmas present, when I was pregnant with DramaBoy. I kid you not.

Of course, with all this pain I'm having, maybe he had a point....

I'm going to pretend I didn't just think that.

Love, peace, and shoes to you all!

5 bits of love:

Draft Queen said...

I HAVE those top two pairs of flats. Of course I'm not supposed to wear shoes with no support like that with my flat feet but heels are impractical working in a lab, yet when I have to dress for meetings I can't very well wear sneakers with business casual attire, you know?

Protip: Always the heels at political functions. Always. Not that you have that issue, but whatever.

The Kampers said...

I LOVE flats! I don't think I have ever worn heels...I am stupid and can't walk in there....so normally, I couldn't care less about your shoe posts...but today! Oh that is entirely different! I love all of them! Way to go! And if flat shoes become the only shoes, I have a few recommendations for you...they are a bit pricey, but my flat feet are demanding them. Chacos and Danskos! Fantastic! First year I taught, I woke up every night from back pain. Next year, I splurged on a pair of dansko professions, never had an issue again. Granted, I do like the more crunchy granola look. But they would be worth checking out.

Gladiator sandals said...

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Kelly said...

What you have been sporting lately is really fashionable as well.., just think about the thought that being beautiful is not limited nor is confined on heels and furry boots... it is the taste and projection (plus comfort!!!) that counts :>

Hope this makes you feel better

MomZombie said...

Hope you get back into your super hot shoes again soon. I don't like flats, either. Well, the top ones are kind of cute ...

(Hey, your word verification just called me a slut!)

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