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Monday, March 8, 2010

In Which the Men in White Coats Nearly Had Their Way With Me

Around 12:35 in the wee barely-morning hours of Sunday morning, I posted on Facebook the following status:


For some reason this only seemed to elicit amusement from the general masses. Many of whom are parents themselves, and who apparently have already been initiated into the insanity that is The Sleepover. I, as a newb to its reality, was struggling to find the humor in it all.

I was, however, forced to chuckle at one former schoolmate's response: He hears you [TeacherMommy], He hears you. And He's laughing his head off.

I always knew God had a sense of humor. My students are living proof.

So how did I get into this insanity? Well, DramaBoy's best friend is a little girl about four months younger than he. Let's call her ADHDGirl. It just so happens that I taught her older sister last year when she was a junior. I am also good friends with her mother--we met at daycare and had one of those instant connections that would keep us standing in the parking lot for an hour talking. She has had a difficult life, to say the least, and recently has been having a particularly Tough Time. So when I talked to her on the phone the other day and heard that edge in her voice that I know has been in mine on far too many occasions, I told her that she was going to drop ADHDGirl off on Saturday night and could pick her up Sunday morning, and that she had no choice in the matter.

And then I stocked up on multicolored goldfish, apple juice, and Xanax.

Oh, I'm kidding. There wasn't enough time to get the apple juice.

OMG. I had no idea that adding one little four-year-old to the mix would make life so...interesting. For much of the evening I simply stayed out of the way, chatting online to friends (many of whom were laughing at me) and wishing the water I was sipping was wine and occasionally yelling a reminder that YOU ARE FRIENDS AND NEED TO TREAT EACH OTHER THAT WAY and trying not to twitch. Then I spent several hours trying to get them to STAY in the bed into which they had been tucked. Yeah right.

DramaBoy, of course, woke up way too early the next morning, but at least he stayed quiet for the one hour before the other two rioted their way down the stairs. Then chaos reigned again. I was so worn out and grumpy that a friend who lives down the road took pity on me and showed up at my doorstep with a large coffee. Which may have saved my life.

At least when my friend who owes me so frickin' badly whom I love dearly arrived to pick up ADHD girl, she looked much more sane. Which is good, because one of us should be. And which made it all worthwhile.

And if you needed more proof that I am crazy, I even told her I'll probably do it again.

But I'm going to upgrade to Prozac first.

10 bits of love:

Beth said...

I'm sorry for you, but at least you got a good post out of it all! Very funny. The "ADHDgirl" moniker is priceless.

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Your friend will love you forver. Normally I find that more children equals less work (that weird rule that shouldn't be but is) but I haven't braved a whole sleep over yet. You are a one brave lady. x

Arby said...

Your title is oh so tempting, but this is a family blog...

Dad said...

Just think, dear, you have created some memories for your boys and ADHDgirl - well, you have some too that perhaps you would want to forget - just wait for Jr.Hi. sleep overs!!!

LoriM said...

Haha! Cute! And good for you, helping your friend out.

Draft Queen said...

The world of the sleepover is scary. I'm happy to see you survived!

GingerB said...

Oooooh, sleepover! You are brave, and I say stick with the Xanax over the Prozac. At least you'll yawn as often as you yell.

Momzombie said...

Sleepover get easier as children get older. My oldest girl's first big sleepover was for her sixth birthday party. I remember the evening as one in which each girl had her own personal crisis and meltdown, including a late-night call home and her mother coming to get her. I'm not quite ready to step into that world of crazy with my 4-year-old.

Louise | Carmine Superiore said...

Hey, you did a really great thing for your friend! I'd never have the courage to have someone else's child over. Besides they all think our house is haunted, so they wouldn't come to stay anyway! Visiting from Italy via BPOTW.

bettyl said...

Good for you to be such a great friend. And you survived, too!

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