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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh Yeah, I Was Rockin' It, Baby

I used to be almost dowdy in my style. I hid inside bulky tops and oversize jackets and long shapeless hair. My sense of style didn't truly evolve until my late twenties. I think it had something to do with those adorable demon children who erupted from my midsection. I mean, your body starts bulging and your boobs get all huge and suddenly you start thinking, Damn, I need to OWN this. Which I did. No maternity muumuus for this preggo, peoples! I made sure to wear clothes that flattered my body as much as possible, pregnancy and all. I was CUTE, dammit.

And once the parasites were sucking my life force from without rather than within, I found I had no desire to return to my older-than-I really-am look. Plus a former friend introduced me to H & M, which is MY STORE, yo, and I discovered that I can look both sexy and professional. Or just plain sexy, when not at work, without crossing that line into hoochie-mama.

I don't shop at Forever 21, you see. There are lines you just don't cross in your thirties. Just sayin'.

So on Saturday I was dressed for a night on the town when I stopped by Walmart with a friend. I was pretty sure I looked awesome, but I hadn't worn this particular outfit before. So there was always the possibility that I was deluding myself. I was wearing my gorgeous new boots with skinny jeans (only worn under boots, people, unless you're size 0, which I am NOT) and one of my favorite dressy tops that has this embroidered collar reminiscent of West Africa.

As we walked toward the entrance, a middle-aged African American woman walked by us. She grinned at me and called out, You go, Girl!

Now you know that when that happens, you're rockin' it Big Time.

I think my life may be complete.

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Arby said...

Yo. You go, girl. Of course, I'm wondering what words she thought but didn't vocalize at the end of her sentence. You go, where?

Anonymous said...

I am going to go rock some maternity jeans, a pre-maternity t-shirt in spring colors (people at work told me no maternity tops for me - they think the baby bump - which is EXPLODING in size now - is cute), and converse. Okay, rock isn't the right verb. I'm going to look like a pregnant mom who is too tired to try very hard. But then, I did undergo an epic fail of a sleep study last night. So anyhow, you need to rock the fashion world for the 2 of us now. Which it sounds like you are doing!
- SoccerSister

MomZombie said...

I missed out on the whole embrace our baby bump trend. I was pregnant in the early '90s, when huge tent dresses in florals were the style for all women. I also remember getting much more flattering clothes post-baby. BTW, I have a few things from Forever 21. Shhhh...

Sarah said...

I love it! I found your blog through the Insatiable Host, and thought I'd leave a little hello for you. Hello! Love your blog, and am now following. Can't wait to read more! :)



GingerB said...

Where is the photographic proof?

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