Diapers and Dragons

Thursday, March 25, 2010

letting go

you strip away my armor
peace by peace
i find myself exposed in raw newness of skin
anticipated pain instead soothed
by understanding

you know me well
as though my mind is linked to yours
i should fear this
i do not do vulnerable well
but you smile
your eyes on mine
i cannot help but trust you

so i release the reins
loose the chains
and step forward into this new day

2 bits of love:

Collette said...

That is beautiful! Sometimes we have to break the chains & let people see who is really under all that armor. (((HUGS)))

GingerB said...

Is this getting back to getting kicked out of , er - I mean graduating from - therapy? I have faith in you, you are mighty strong.

I love it when you do poetry. I am sorry mine is only bad.

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