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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not That I'm Desperate For Topics or Anything *Ahem*

Okay. I mentioned before that it gets tricky these days to come up with topics for this blog, because of the whole minefield of my personal life and whatnot. I mean, posts about the Great Toilet Paper Hanging Debate are fabulous in their own right (and yes, Lauren, I absolutely came up with that one while sitting on the pot after a friendly debate over that very topic with someone), but I can't write about that every day.

(Though seriously, take the little poll over in the upper right-hand corner, because that's blog fodder for next week. You have until 9 a.m. next Wednesday, January 13th, to vote.)

So I'm going to take a page from a few other bloggers' books sites, so to speak, and ask you, my beloved readers, to help me out. In the comments on this post, please ask me questions, humorous or serious, that you would like me to answer. I don't promise to answer them all (especially if doing so would set off one of those mines), but I'll do my best!

And if you have a brilliant topic in general that you think I would write about well, please feel free to send that my way as well.

Please don't let me down! I don't care if you're a longtime reader or a recent visitor, a family member or someone I've never met: JUST LEAVE A COMMENT! (Well, you know, with a question or topic suggestion.)

You can DO it!

10 bits of love:

Monica said...

Sometimes I post about my reaction to something I've read in a newspaper or (usually) heard on NPR. You might try that! Just wax on about why a particular story hits you a certain way, or what it makes you think about. It's all current and stuff, too, so that's a bonus.

Monica (again) said...

Oh, so I totally missed the point. Sorry about that! Uh...hmmm...most embarrassing moment? What did you want to be when you grew up, when you were 10? What would you do with $1 million bucks?

If you were a vegetable, which one would you be and why?

If you were an animal, which one would you be and why? And you can't say 'dog' or 'deer.' Passe.

If you were an alcoholic beverage, which and why?

If you were an illegal drug, which and why?

Who (famous, from history) would you like to get drunk with, and why?

And of course, what's your favorite color. And why.

Arby said...

Aristotle said that consistency and probability are the two most important elements in the drama. Does Shakespeare, in creating the characters in Hamlet, follow or ignore this idea?

Monica said...

Go with Arby's suggestion. Sounds like a hoot!

michelle said...

No offense, Arby, but that suggestion makes me want to shoot myself in the head.

Did Teacher Mommy really grow up in a missionary family in Africa?
I'd love to hear about that...

marymac said...

Well O M G
SOOO funny that we both posted the 'wtf do you want me to blog about' post within 24 hrs of each other- great minds, yo!
ok, well since you came over and suggested i blog about thongs vs. commando, i guess i could suggest THAT SAME topic for you?! lol
Honestly, though, I have been thinking about putting together a post on some of my favorites comments by readers (cuz my reader/commenters- like you!) are highhhh-larious.
So maybe there's an idea for a post?!
we should start a blog: 365 blog post ideas!!!

Leslie Ann Ballou said...

I just came over from Pajamas and Coffee, thought I would stop by.

What do you know about the sock monster? Anything? Maybe you could write about your experiences with him (or her) or not.

You're a teacher, right? What's the proper way to pronounce pecan -- like James Caan, or like kick the can? (I used to love playing that game).

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

What about the candles? I thought you were going to write about them???
- SoccerSister

DiPaola Momma said...

Changing the names to protect the "innocent".. I want know what goes on it the teachers lounge dammit! Who's the old man in that book by Nabakov? Are Kerbobble and Skinner a "thing"? Does that overachiever in 2nd period make you want to poke your eyes out too? What polishes your apple sister? Now THAT's content I'll read.

mom said...

Okay, dad and I have a few ideas. Funny things (not humiliating) that happened here in WA, even at boarding school. Childhood games you organized for the kids, when you were one. Unusual stuff you've seen, done, eaten. Places you've been. Dreams you've had. Best books you've read. Why you love fantasy. Why you get into mythology. Some of your best students -- what made them best? And some of the more challenging -- how were they difficult? How about some who come back and tell you how you made a difference? And always keep posting about the Kidlets. And once in a while, tell us about the woman at the well.

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