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Monday, January 4, 2010

I'll Keep You Posted (Ha Ha) On How This One Goes

There are many resolutions I could and should make for this year, this year of Clarke-ian significance, this Twenty-Ten. (Am I the only one relieved for a date that's easy to say, finally?!?) If I were to list all the resolutions that crossed my mind in the last few weeks, this is what you would see--though of course, this means I AM listing all the resolutions that crossed my mind in the last few weeks. Whatever.

The List I Could Write and Maybe Would If I Was More, You Know, Masochistic

1. Exercise for at least half an hour at least five times a week. And walking around while teaching can't count.
2. Eat healthier food cooked at home rather than resorting to fast food and boxed carbs so often. Tossing frozen peas in mac 'n' cheese is insufficient. Of course, it would help if there were even any frozen peas in the freezer to begin with.
3. Get papers graded no less than one week after they are turned in. Oh, and actually remember to return them to the students too.
4. Make more money and spend less.
5. Be neater. Okay, just be neat. Tidy, even.
6. Write wonderful, witty, inspiring posts on a regular basis. Perhaps win some blog awards.
7. Write a book. Or at least a good portion of one.
8. Stay caught up on reading blogs too. And commenting.
9. Get rid of the house. Please. Anyone want to buy a house? It's a nice house. I just don't want it. Oh, and if you would actually pay what we OWE rather than what that pesky housing market says it's WORTH, that would be so nice.
10. Win friends and influence people. Without having to read some stupid self-help book.

So some of these are actually within the realm of possibility, at least in part, especially if I have a little will power. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are quite reasonable. Well, maybe not five times a week for number one. Three times? I could at least try.

And I've even gotten a decent start on some others. Number four, for example. I'm trimming excess spending already. I also am looking into picking up some tutoring hours--I advertised on Craigslist and I've already gotten a couple of bites. It would be nice to pay off some of those debts...

(Hey, if any of you live in the area and want a really good Language Arts tutor for your kid, let me know! Seriously. I'm good at it and I could use the money. Ahem.)

Numbers 6 through 10? Well. We'll see. (I really, really would like number nine to come true, but it's a little tough to make it an actual resolution.)

Ah, but number five...

I've never been the neatest person in the world. Okay, Mom, stop laughing. You too, Lauren. And SoccerSister. And soon-to-be-ex-husband. Oh, and all you former students.


This does not mean, however, that I do not appreciate a clean environment. I do. I just am not all that great at the little stuff. The not-leaving-things-all-over stuff. The maintenance stuff. The Clutter stuff.

Recent months have influenced me for the good, however. First, sharing residences with an ex (you know, the whole trading off on the house with the kids thing?) means that each of us needs to leave the place neat and tidy before the other person moves in on those toggle days. It keeps things sane and (more) drama-free. So I've been having to clean up and tidy much more than I did in the past. I'm getting almost used to it.

Also, Joe's house is delightfully clutter-free and he keeps it very tidy. He tends to keep things as simple as possible in his life, and I've found some inspiration in that. This approach worked pretty dang well for Christmas, and I'm thinking maybe it's one I could apply to other areas of life too.

So my real, very concrete, very doable resolution for 2010 is to Declutter. Specifically, every weekend when I have custody of the boys and therefore am in the house, I will produce AT LEAST one large box or bag of Stuff to donate or toss.

Trust me, there's enough to keep me going all year.

Today I went through the boys' toys and books and clothes, and I managed to produce a very large bin of books and toys for donation, a garbage bag full of trash, and a small pile of outgrown clothing. So I'm already good for the first custody weekend of the year! In two weeks, I plan to tackle my own closet. That may take a month...

And overall? The word of the year, this nice, neat, tidily-numbered year of 2010, is SIMPLIFY.

Because my life is complicated enough without cluttering it up with all the extras.

7 bits of love:

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

You and me, we are cut from the same cloth. I am going today, on the first stage of my tidy up the catastrophe that resembles my house, to go and buy a load of storage boxes for toys. This will revolutionise my life. Good luck with the rest of them. I'm not even attempting the exercise things. Don't even own a pair of trainers. one thing at a time!

michelle said...

I'm with you on 4, 5, 6, and 9. With caveats

4. just want to spend less cause making more would require working more. I'm tired

6. Blog awards without strings. Like answering 100 questions about myself or passing it on to 47 other bloggers. I'm lazy.

9. I love my house but hate that it's "not worth" what we owe. Ouch

5. No issue here. Tidy is good. Keeping things tidy also fulfills 1. by replacing my need for a treadmill.

Arby said...

Might I suggest that you declutter your resolution list and settle on number 5 as your resolution?

MomZombie said...

Maybe we could do a "two for one" deal on our houses!

oddly, the word verification is upshingl

The Kampers said...

I am so with you on the twenty ten thing! And I am going to say twenty ten, not two thousand and ten. And I am right there with you on the decluttering! I have attacked areas of the house with out mercy! Something about moving a household across the world is motivating me!

Heidi said...

I'm with Arby - too many resolutions! Go with 5 as one you can accomplish that makes you happy.

Draft Queen said...

Okay. So. Shit I lost my thought.

#9? I want to write a post called "All I want for (next) Christmas is someone to have bought my house." *sigh*

Can you tutor via webcam? L could use it.

There was more to this comment, but clearly I'm not terribly productive today.

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